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Hair Tissue Mineral Evaluation (HTMA) is a non-invasive, straightforward to do, inexpensive methodology to take a look at an correct report of your tissue ranges of 36 key minerals and heavy metals impacting your well being. Lengthy-term publicity to poisonous components/minerals can progressively impair varied bodily processes, resulting in a wide range of well being circumstances. By wanting on the composition of minerals and heavy metals being excreted within the hair, we will infer concerning the mineral/heavy metals in different tissues within the physique.

It’s a window into the cell’s mineral exercise. Hair is made up of lifeless cells, and cells are the foremost website of metabolic exercise within the physique, so analyzing the hair provides us a novel window into the cells that we wouldn’t be capable of see in any other case. A median of the mineral exercise over 3-4 months; much like how the rings of a tree inform a narrative.


Minerals are the “spark plugs” of the physique. With out the right minerals, the physique can’t operate correctly. Wanted for thousands and thousands of enzymes as co-factors, facilitators, inhibitors and as part of the enzymes themselves, minerals assist nutritional vitamins do their job. Minerals additionally run enzymes run hormones. If there’s hormone imbalance, there may be mineral imbalance. Their availability and value has an ideal deal to do with the well being of the human physique.



  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Metabolism
  • Thyroid Operate
  • Adrenal Well being & Stress
  • Blood Sugar Steadiness
  • Digestion
  • Heavy Metallic Toxicity
  • Immune Operate


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