10 Benefits Of Practicing Yoga If You Run

 10 Benefits Of Practicing Yoga If You Run

It’s a beneficial formula for increasing your running speed, mileage and time.
The regular practice of yoga provides psychic and physical benefits to runners. It secretes endorphins and helps control anxiety and stress. It is a tool that strengthens both your body and your mind. Discover some of the benefits of doing yoga if you run:

1 – The feet: It is one of the pillars of yoga, provides balance and is the basis of the asanas. As a runner you know how important they are in your workouts. That is why this ancient activity is so beneficial with respect to running, it avoids and prevents problems related to posture and makes you aware of the way you place your feet in each stride.

2 – Strengthens the body: when you do yoga you work on posture and body awareness. You strengthen and tone your body so that you prevent and avoid injuries that are produced by the impact of the foot on the ground or asphalt. By basing the activity on balance, yoga is good for those disciplines where there is no stable or changing ground.

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3 – Breathing control: having control of breathing and knowing how to dose the air is one of the priorities you have when running, nothing better than yoga to internalize and perfect this practice. It is also very useful for relaxation after those hard workouts in which you have tried more than usual.

4 – Activates the circulation: any asana does it, although the best ones, if you are looking to reactivate the path of the blood in your legs, are the inverted calls. These activate the blood flow and the pumping of the heart, after a race nothing better than performing asanas where your head is down and your legs are up.

5 – Recover the most used muscles during the race: The hamstrings are the most punished muscles in running, that’s why it’s important that you stretch them and don’t place them incorrectly while training. Many asanas are designed to tone and stretch this area of the body. The regular practice of yoga will help you recover this part and avoid the pain of having strained the muscle.

6 – Avoid stress: Perhaps because of this condition is one of the activities most recommended by doctors and specialists. When you do it frequently you are able to control the mechanisms, mental and physical, that lead you to nervousness, anxiety and fatigue.

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7 – Strength and endurance: With the regular practice of yoga you work together with muscles, ligaments and joints, this helps you increase the power and energy with which you face the race.

8 – Improves the digestive system: There are many asanas focused on the digestive system. If you are a regular runner, you know how important good digestion is in training and running.

9 – Complements muscle toning: If we focus on training and running, the muscles that you work with most are the lower ones. You probably go to the gym so as not to neglect the rest of the muscles, one of the best practices to complement the upper body is yoga. Choose asanas to help you tone your abdomen, triceps, biceps and forearms.

10 – Prepare your mind for new challenges: Yoga and meditation are the best allies for your mental preparation. In addition, you can relieve the stress and nervousness before a race and the anxiety of the days of hard training.


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