50% Of People With Skin Diseases Suffer From Depression

 50% Of People With Skin Diseases Suffer From Depression

One of the dermatological diseases that greatly affect people’s quality of life is atopic dermatitis, since between 50 and 70 percent of patients have physical and emotional consequences.

The main symptoms of atopic dermatitis, a condition that currently affects more than 12 million people in Mexico, are redness and dryness of the skin that can cause itching and in turn, due to scratching, rash or scabs.

Dermatology specialist Linda García Hidalgo explained that 86 percent of the patients have daily itching and pain, and almost half of the patients are unable to fall asleep, so there is an increase in psychosocial dysfunction.

The Price To Get Out Of Depression Is Humility.

Up to 47 percent of patients, García Hidalgo said, are frustrated, 39 percent feel ashamed and 35 percent feel angry about having the disease.

“This increase in psychosocial dysfunction causes feelings of shame and low self-confidence, which leads to problems in interpersonal relationships, first because people think you have something infectious, and, on the other hand, you do not tolerate anyone touching you because of the skin so damaged,” he said.

Deterioration in quality of life, he said, will affect greater mental health conditions, which can be comparable even to those caused by diabetes or hypertension, and when hypertension is moderate to severe, anxiety and depression increase twice as much.


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