Jessica González

Journalist specialized in online marketing as Social Media Manager. I help professionals and companies to become more Internet and online reputation, which allows to give life to the Social Media Strategies defined for the Company, and thus immortalize brands, products and services. I have participated as an exhibitor in various forums nationally and internationally, I am the author of several articles in digital magazines and Blogs.

Scientists Reveal Obesity May Form in the Brain

Inflammation of the hypothalamus as a result of excessive intake of foods rich in fats and sugars may be the foundation for the further development of obesity. Recent scientific studies also prove that high-calorie diets cause neuronal lesions, which in turn is reflected in inflammatory processes in the hypothalamus, the region of the brain responsible […]Read More

Can Jews practice yoga?

Some think that Jews should not get involved with the modern postural practice of yoga, because it has its roots in a Hindu religious system that is contradictory to monotheistic Judaism. This question has been resolved for many observant Jews, who understand that yoga, as Matthew Remski says, is “like the story of the self: […]Read More

Red Wine May Fight Anxiety, Stress Effectively

A study conducted by Buffalo University in New York and Xuzhou University of Medicine in China found that resveratrol, a component present in red wine, may work to control anxiety and depression. The research tested the effects of this chemical in a group of mice injected with corticosterone, a stress-controlling hormone. When the mice were […]Read More

5 Tips for Building Strong Protection for Kids

Anxiety and depression are strengthening between our iGen (born between 2000 and 2013) and our Alpha Gen (born after 2013). The school setting can bring unique problems for a child with anxiety, especially if their fear pattern is social anxiety. Sometimes estimated as “performance-related” anxiety, children expressing social anxiety are often produced by both the […]Read More

Is cannabis useful or harmful to your mind?

The esteemed physicist Richard Feynman has been popularly quoted as saying: If you think you understand quantum mechanics, then you don’t understand it. Maybe it’s not a quantum leap to make the same claim about cannabis. The cannabis plant is not a single substance, but contains more than 500 identified chemical components, of which more […]Read More