Jessica González

Journalist specialized in online marketing as Social Media Manager. I help professionals and companies to become more Internet and online reputation, which allows to give life to the Social Media Strategies defined for the Company, and thus immortalize brands, products and services. I have participated as an exhibitor in various forums nationally and internationally, I am the author of several articles in digital magazines and Blogs.

Healthy And Nutrient-Rich Butter Recipes

The advantage of preparing your own butter is that you can be sure that it has no additives, that it is made entirely by hand and that it is made with quality ingredients that will provide the necessary nutrients, making it excellent for breakfast. So you will know these healthy butter recipes to enjoy with […]Read More

Strengthen Your Feet And Ankles With These Exercises

You’ve probably ever experienced pain in your hip or lower back. However, you rarely give the importance to the feet that they deserve, and that is where the reason for everything may lie. When these are strong and flexible you can avoid discomfort, as they help you move better and perform better. So pay attention […]Read More

Exercise Benefits The Immune System And Reduces Stress

To optimize the immune system and reduce stress during quarantine, the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo, through the Directorate of Sports Promotion, recommends to your community and society in general to perform physical exercise. Physical activation makes antibodies and white blood cells circulate and act more quickly, which means they can detect and […]Read More

Healthy Shakes That Are Full Of Nutrients And Delicious.

Studies say that about 90% of people over the age of 80 have eating problems. This is because age and physical changes significantly minimize the desire to eat (hyporexia). So to make it easier for older people to eat, here are a couple of recipes for nutrient-packed shakes that help them develop properly. Spinach And […]Read More

Eat A Low Amount Of Sugar With These Tasty Recipes

Cooking sweet doesn’t mean you have to use large amounts of sugar to make it taste good; rather, it’s about learning how to choose quality foods and how to cook them. So, so you don’t deprive yourself of those tastes, here are three low-sugar recipes that are easy to prepare and taste great. Almond Cookies. […]Read More

Benefits Of Shinrinyoku Worth Knowing And Practicing

The Shinrinyoku is a practice that consists of spending time in the forest with the objective of having better health, well-being and happiness. The term comes from its important principle which is to bathe in the atmosphere of the forest. It is an activity from Japan with a tradition in various cultures of the world […]Read More

Egg-Based Treatments For Beauty And Appearance

Egg is one of the most widely available sources of protein in the diet. Although there are people who prefer to be moderate in their intake because of the cholesterol issue. However, not everything stays there, since this food is also beneficial for hair, skin and some parts of the body. Minimize Bags Under The […]Read More

Positive Effects When Performing Military Training

The military training also known as Fitness Boot Camp, is one of the most complete sports routines that can be practiced today. So if you’re looking for a routine where you can get in optimal physical shape, this alternative may be what you’re looking for. Although the primary goal of this military training is not […]Read More

Tips To Protect Your Skin Before And After Exercise

Just as exercise can improve your fitness and health, it is also good for your skin. A study published in Aging Cell suggests that resistance exercise and high-intensity aerobic training can prevent and lessen the signs of aging in the skin. A review published in the journal Current Behavioral Neuroscience Reports points out that exercise […]Read More

Healthy Vegan After-School Snack Recipes

Recent studies indicate that a significant percentage of the world’s population has gone vegan. This is in order to lead a healthy and more animal-friendly lifestyle. Also, elite athletes have chosen to radically change their diet by eliminating all types of animal products from their lives. That is why there are some vegan snacks for […]Read More