Chakra Yoga: The Greatest Yoga Poses for Balancing 7 Chakras

Chakras are literally the focus that lies within the delicate physique. Within the yogic custom, the delicate physique is one in all Three Our bodies past the bodily gross physique we sense and understand in each day life.

The bodily and psychological power we really feel within the physique is a gross manifestation of delicate physique power. If we’re feeling low, probably there’s blockage of power within the chakras which can come up because of emotional, psychological, and even bodily components.

What’s Chakra Yoga?

We are able to talk to our delicate physique by yoga and pranayama respiratory workouts. The observe of reaching a state of stability within the 7 chakras by completely different yoga practices known as chakra yoga. Via it, a practitioner might direct the delicate breath (Prana) to power centres (chakras) to realize supernormal powers, immortality, or liberation.

Chakra yoga is the observe of regulating the stream of Prana into chakras by a mix of particular asanas, Pranayama, mudra, and meditation practices. By regulating the stream of Prana, we intend to purify and stability both all of the Nadis and Chakras or solely these which received blocked because of any motive.

Chakras can change into blocked or imbalanced because of points like psychological issues, unhealthy way of life, private points, and so forth. Practising chakra yoga helps in stimulating these power factors and releases these blocks. When your chakra is balanced, you’ll simply have the ability to faucet into your skills and in addition connect with the upper consciousness.

Yoga Poses for Chakra Balancing

Yoga poses for chakra balancing doesn’t have simply the bodily components however the non secular as nicely, which carry a state of the union in all of the 7 chakras. Not solely this, as yoga is an alternate type of train, the poses are a good way to keep up a stability of your thoughts, physique, and spirit.

Practising chakra yoga provides you with a way of consciousness as it is going to scale back your stress and improve internal peace. It additionally will increase your power and intuitive skills. Bodily, yoga is without doubt one of the finest methods to enhance your posture, flexibility, immunity, help weight reduction, and offers general health.

You possibly can add a wide range of asanas to your yoga observe to remove any sort of chakra imbalance. For every chakra, deal with these poses which goal instantly the bodily organs associated to a chakra. For instance, the foundation chakra is expounded to decrease physique limbs so one can do yoga poses that stretch legs or promote grounding.

Follow following yoga poses for balancing 7 chakras.

  • Root chakra – Mountain pose, squat pose, warrior 1 pose
  • Sacral chakra – Goddess Pose, frog poses, sure angle pose
  • Photo voltaic plexus chakra – Boat pose, solar salutation, plank pose
  • Coronary heart chakra – Cobra pose, camel pose, cat/cow pose
  • Throat chakra – Plow pose, shoulder stand, fish pose
  • Third eye chakra – Dolphin pose, youngster pose, standing ahead bend
  • Crown chakra – Corpse pose, headstand, lotus pose

That is the first chakra of the power system that’s positioned on the base of the backbone. It’s related to the component of earth and the colour pink. The foundation chakra is the seat of stability, safety, vitality, and fundamental survival instincts.

Signs of an imbalanced root chakra can vary from insecurity, attachment points, disillusionment, stagnation, lack of power, nervousness, greed, distrust to weight points, bowel associated issues. 

With a balanced root chakra you’ll be residing within the current, related with the earth, stress-free thoughts, enhanced braveness, vanity and integrity, pleasure, motivation, elevated private development. 

Yoga Poses for root chakra balancing

The poses which are groundings and contain firmly inserting your toes on the bottom are most useful for the foundation chakra. A few of such grounding poses are:

1. Tadasana or Mountain pose 

mountain pose tadasana
Picture: Canva

Mountain pose is taken into account to be the muse of most yoga poses and requires the engagement of your entire physique whereas stress-free the thoughts. Though you’re standing straight on this pose, the engagement of the backbone helps in constructing and sustaining your posture. 

In mountain pose, you stability the physique equally on each toes which offers stability and grounding energies must heal the foundation chakra. You’re successfully related to the earth.

Maintaining your gaze mounted on a degree of focus will even give you a stress-free thoughts and assist in rising your consciousness and focus.

2. Malasana or Squat Pose

Picture: Canva

Because the title suggests, on this pose, you retain your legs aside and squat. This manner, your toes are firmly grounded to the earth and help your physique. The squatting motion of this pose additionally strengthens your hips and decrease backbone, which is taken into account essentially the most affected half because of blocked root chakra.

Your toes will assist take up the power of the earth and launch any build-up power (that’s dangerous to the foundation chakra) again to the bottom. By practising this pose, you’re feeling safe in your foundational wants because it offers vitality and energy to root chakra.

3. Virabhadrasana I or Warrior I pose 

warrior 1 pose
Picture: Canva

This pose is without doubt one of the most really useful for root chakra balancing because of its grounding energies. The warrior I pose requires you to firmly maintain your toes on the bottom because it helps within the pure stream of power to the varied components of the physique. 

The title Virabhadrasana means fierce warrior, which can manifest in decreasing your fears and doubts about your self. It’s a standing yoga pose that aids in constructing your stability, focus, confidence, and energy. Bodily it helps in strengthening your legs, thighs, and buttocks.

It’s known as Svadhisthana in Sanskrit and is represented by the component of water and the colour orange. The chakra is positioned slightly below the navel and is accountable for creativity, emotions, sexuality, sensuality, ardour, and pleasure.

A few of the signs of an imbalanced sacral chakra are consuming problems, low vanity, addictions, no intercourse drive, dependency points, lack of inventive inspiration, bladder points, and emotional instability. Whereas, a balanced chakra will make you’re feeling passionate, pleasant, joyful, present elevated self-worth, fulfilment, and nurtured.

Yoga Poses for sacral chakra balancing

Most hip opener poses will probably be efficient in balancing the sacral chakra, that are:

1. Utkata Konasana or Goddess Pose

The goddess pose is a fiery hip opener that may stimulate your sacral chakra and ignite your ardour and creativity.

Together with your legs saved aside, wider than the hips, you squat by bending your knees at 90-degrees. This can open your hips vast and the agency standing on the toes will present emotional stability, making you’re feeling alive. 

2. Mandukasana or Frog Pose

frog pose (bhekasana)
Picture Supply: Shutterstock

It’s thought-about to be one of many intense types of hip opening poses. The frog pose will assist in releasing the tensions within the hip space, thus releasing any blockages within the sacral chakra.

When you’ll observe this pose, you’ll discover loads of blocked or ignored emotions come up, which suggests the therapeutic course of has begun. This pose additionally helps in assuaging any decrease again pains.

3. Baddha Konasana or Certain Angle Pose

baddha konasana (bound angle pose)
Supply: Shutterstock

This hip and groin opener pose will present motion within the corresponding areas.

Since sacral chakra is the seat of sensuality, sexuality, and pleasure, the sure angle pose is nice for eradicating any blockages within the groin space. It’ll relieve any pressure and discomfort within the decrease again, hip, and reproductive organs. The female power of the sacral chakra will probably be successfully balanced by this pose.

Generally known as Manipura in Sanskrit, this chakra is positioned in and across the navel and stomach space. It’s related to the component of fireplace and the colour yellow. The photo voltaic plexus chakra offers us with transformation, private energy, independence, duty, and confidence.

When it’s imbalanced, signs corresponding to perfectionism, low self-image, distrust in your intestine, points with management, irresponsibility, lack of motivation, and so forth. will seem. Whereas, in a balanced state, you’ll have clear intentions, make selections simply, belief your instinct, present energy to beat challenges, and can really feel assured to realize your objectives.

Yoga Poses for photo voltaic plexus chakra

Poses that generate warmth from inside and targets the belly muscle tissues are nice for stimulation of the photo voltaic plexus chakra. A few of such poses are:

1. Paripurna Navasana or Boat pose

Picture Supply: Canva

The boat pose will align your chakra by igniting a fireplace from inside and in addition prompts your core. With a robust core, your confidence will even enhance. Your again and stomach muscle tissues are strengthened which will even assist in bettering your digestive system. 

By stimulating the photo voltaic plexus chakras, the muscle tissues and organs in and across the stomach space will get re-energized. This power will profit you by eradicating emotional blockages and improve your motivation to go after your desires.

2. Surya Namaskara or Solar Salutation

The solar salutation is the finest warm-up yoga observe to energise essentially the most chakras because it entails a variety of poses to stimulate completely different components of the physique. Nevertheless, for photo voltaic plexus chakra, it is without doubt one of the efficient yoga pose as it is going to assist in producing internal warmth. The respiratory strategies concerned are important within the stream of power.

Many poses are centered on stimulating and activating the core, which in flip is crucial for a wholesome Manipura. Whenever you end the solar salutation poses, you’re feeling empowered and energized to tackle the day 

3. Chaturanga Dandasana or Plank pose

This pose wants no introduction because it is without doubt one of the most well-known and tough poses in yoga. Together with the solar salutation, this pose can be extraordinarily efficient in producing warmth.

To take care of the plank, it’s a must to have interaction your core to maintain the stability and help the backbone to maintain it straight. That is additionally the way in which you’re stimulating and activating your photo voltaic plexus chakra. 

It additionally helps enhance your focus and focus in addition to your motivation and confidence.

Generally known as the Anahata, this chakra is positioned on the centre of the chest. The component of air and the colour inexperienced are related to it. This chakra is accountable for unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, acceptance, and connection.

Manipulation, codependency, distrust, jealousy, lack of empathy, antisocialism, isolation, lack of self-worth, toxicity in relationships are a number of the indicators of an imbalanced coronary heart chakra. Quite the opposite, seeing the fantastic thing about the world, reference to self, compassion, empathy, generosity, self-acceptance, potential to provide and obtain affection are indicators of a wholesome and balanced chakra.

Yoga Poses for coronary heart chakra balancing

As it’s positioned within the chest, yoga poses that concentrate on opening the chest and facilitates the air is finest for balancing the guts chakra. These poses are:

1. Bhujangasana or Cobra pose

cobra pose bikram yoga
Picture Supply: Shutterstock

This pose is nice for relieving again ache, opening the chest and collarbones, and strengthening the backbone. Whenever you open your chest, you’re opening your coronary heart to change into weak. You’re additionally letting go of any unfavorable feelings which are trapped in your coronary heart and letting within the mild power of affection from the universe.

The backbend is the manifestation of releasing any constriction or tensions from the guts and making it weak to let go of our fears.  

2. Ustrasana or Camel pose 

camel pose
Picture Supply: Shutterstock

An intensive pose, the place you bend backwards and contact your toes, utterly exposes your coronary heart. By opening your chest, you’re increasing the power of the guts chakra.

On this pose, your coronary heart is actually above the top, which is the manifestation of considering with the guts moderately than the mind. That is important for balancing the guts chakra as you let your thoughts drop away and have interaction your coronary heart to really feel feelings and luxuriate in life. 

It’s a extra weak pose than the cobra pose as you’re challenged to open up totally, one thing which you’ll not do in on a regular basis life.

3. Marjaryasana/Bitilasana or Cat/Cow Pose

cat cow stretch
Picture: Canva

Cat-cow is a forward-backwards bending motion, which will probably be useful in case you will have an overactive coronary heart chakra. With a ahead bend, you’ll be primarily introspecting your self and grounding your energies. Your knees and palms are touching the bottom which can present stability and calm your coronary heart chakra.

The bend will even create some area within the chest and the again space and help in letting go of pent-up feelings and emotions. The bodily features of this pose will assist in relieving again pains, blood stress and strengthen the backbone.

It’s known as the Vishuddha in Sanskrit and is positioned on the throat and neck space. Its component is area and the colour is blue. The throat chakra is the seat of self-expression, communication, fact, and belief.

A few of the indicators of imbalance throat chakra are being secretive, shyness, insecurity, social nervousness, low vanity, verbal aggression, worry of public talking, and conceitedness. A balanced throat chakra will make it straightforward so that you can talk, converse in entrance of a big crowd, clear expression of ideas, and be emotionally balanced.

Yoga Poses for throat chakra balancing

Poses the place your neck and higher chest are engaged, are useful for the throat chakra. Such poses are:

1. Halasana or Plow pose 

plow pose

In case your throat chakra is underactive, the plow pose is finest to re-energize it.

This pose helps in reviving your potential to hear and specific your ideas comfortably. Your worry of talking will probably be lowered in case you observe this throat chakra activating yoga. By conserving your toes on the ground, behind your head, you’re additionally stabilizing your feelings and ideas.

This pose additionally helps in calming the mind by decreasing stress and fatigue and aiding in peaceable sleep.

2. Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand 

salamba sarvangasana (supported shoulderstand)
Picture: Canva

Shoulder stand is a good throat chakra energizing pose.

By lifting your hips and toes above your head, you’re primarily directing the stream of blood and oxygen in direction of your throat. It helps in cleaning the throat chakra and bettering your communication. By practising this pose, you’re additionally opening the again of the neck, which can assist in opening and balancing the throat chakra.

Additionally, in case you have bronchial asthma, this pose is extraordinarily therapeutic.

3. Matsyasana or Fish pose

fish pose
Picture Supply: Shutterstock

On this pose, you’re stretching your higher chest in addition to your throat space. Whereas creating area within the throat, you’re primarily eradicating any vulnerabilities and fears hooked up to self-expression. You’re opening your throat and gaining the energy to give up. 

This is without doubt one of the poses the place you’re totally exposing the throat thereby eradicating any blockages and restriction of the throat chakra.

The Ajna chakra is positioned between the eyebrows. The component of sunshine and the colour indigo or royal blue are associated to the chakra. The third eye chakra is accountable for instinct, knowledge, mind, imaginative and prescient, clairvoyance, awakening, and inspiration. 

An imbalance of Ajna chakra will make you’re feeling insignificant, closed-minded, indecisive, paranoia, unable to see the large image, have worry of criticism, and worry of change. On the flip aspect, you’ll perceive the unity of the world, have interaction in mindfulness and self-reflection, perceive the deeper that means of life, and discover it simpler to embrace a brand new starting with a balanced third eye chakra.

Yoga Poses for third eye chakra balancing

Any pose that’s directing the stream of blood and power in direction of the face and head is useful for ajna chakra. A couple of poses that will probably be useful are:

1. Ardha Pincha Mayurasana or Dolphin pose

dolphin pose
Picture Supply: Shutterstock

Dolphine pose is a ahead bending place the place your head is beneath your coronary heart. It will likely be useful in energizing and highly effective stimulating the third eye chakra. It’ll enhance the blood circulation to the mind and face which is an efficient strategy to open the third eye chakra

In a variation, you possibly can place your palms within the prayer type and the hubs might be positioned on the third eye location. This can assist in bettering your focus and bettering the power of the chakra.

2. Balasana or Little one’s pose 

Child's pose with elbows on the block
Little one’s pose with elbows on the block. Picture: Sukha Design & Images @

This pose is extra of a restorative pose that brings concord to the third eye chakra. It helps in stimulating the third eye chakra by bringing consciousness. The kid’s pose will improve your knowledge and achieve entry to your intuitive skills. 

By calming your nervous system, it is usually stress-free your thoughts and fascinating you in mindfulness. Whenever you relaxation your head on the bottom it signifies give up to the upper realms and establishing a reference to spirituality.

3. Uttanasana or Standing Ahead Bend

Picture: Canva

Ahead bends are extraordinarily nice for the third eye chakra as these poses enhance blood circulation in direction of the top. Similar to the dolphin pose, in uttanasana you stimulate the third eye chakra and calm your mind and enhance consciousness. 

Issues corresponding to fatigue, complications, insomnia, nervousness might be simply lowered by working towards this pose. As you observe your breath, you’re additionally prompted to look inwards and connect with your increased consciousness.

The final chakra of the power system is named Sahasrara in Sanskrit. It’s positioned on the prime of the top and is related to the colour violet or white. This chakra is expounded to enlightenment, non secular connection, common consciousness, and consciousness.

When your crown chakra is imbalanced, you’ll be grasping, depressed, disconnected from the upper self, judgemental, lonely, egocentric, entitled, and play the sufferer. Nevertheless, in case of a balanced chakra feeling related with the divine, non-judgemental, selflessness, elevated non secular perception, the expertise of true pleasure and happiness are the indicators you might expertise.

Yoga Poses for crown chakra balancing

For the crown chakra, meditative poses or poses the place the blood circulation is directed in direction of the top are finest to stability and heal it. Under are a number of the poses:

1. Padmasana or Lotus pose

The lotus pose can assist you obtain a deep meditative state and enhance your consciousness of the crown chakra. Whenever you meditate on this pose, you possibly can calm your thoughts and physique and scale back nervousness, stress, and tiredness. 

The padmasana additionally assessments the flexibleness of the hips as you’re stacking your legs on prime of one another. The half-lotus pose is a variation for people who find themselves unable to stack each legs on prime of one another. On this pose, you possibly can stack one leg at a time and construct your energy for each legs regularly.

2. Sirsasana or Headstand

headstand (sirshasana)
Picture Supply: Canva

Generally known as the King of all yoga poses, this is without doubt one of the superior and tough poses which requires excessive stamina, stability and core energy. Nevertheless, it is usually probably the most highly effective poses in activating, energizing and therapeutic the crown chakra. You’re actually standing inverted in your crown, which makes it attainable for the rise of blood circulation to the placement.

The elevated circulation will even improve the power of the crown chakra. The pose wants immense focus and consciousness to keep up the place, which can be very stimulating to the chakra.  

3. Savasana or Corpse pose

corpse pose - bikram yoga
Picture Supply: Shutterstock

That is essentially the most relaxed and best pose of yoga, the place you’re mendacity nonetheless on the bottom together with your palms up and eyes closed. Nevertheless, it is a crucial pose as you’re assimilating all the outcomes of the yoga classes. Right here you’re primarily observing your respiratory, staying within the current and feeling the feeling of the yoga poses you will have practised.

It’s carried out on the finish of a yoga session and this pose additionally transports you right into a deep meditative state. By bringing your ideas to relaxation, you possibly can primarily calm your thoughts and get relaxed.


Yoga has been practised for many years and it has proven many therapeutic outcomes. Each pose has its that means and when mixed with the energies of the chakra, it provides a brand new dimension. It’s not attainable to keep away from an imbalance within the chakras because of many environmental components, nonetheless, practising chakra yoga usually provides you with the psychological readability and energy to struggle the obstacles. 

A balanced and healed chakra is the gateway to a wholesome, comfortable, and contented life and chakra yoga is an efficient strategy to obtain it!


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