Depression Is One Of The Most Aggressive Ailments

 Depression Is One Of The Most Aggressive Ailments

Non-adherence to psychiatric treatment increases the risk of relapse.
Depression is one of the most common psychiatric ailments that, if not treated promptly, can have a risk of relapses, recurrent hospitalizations, disability, worsening of symptoms and in the worst case, the patient may end up being aggressive towards his family or end up in suicide.

This is what the psychiatrist and family and couple therapist, Biaris Rodriguez, affirms, who assures that not adhering to the psychiatric treatment increases the risks of relapses.

He says the lack of follow-up and medical treatment can cause new symptoms to appear, such as auditory hallucinations, ideas of harm and delusions.

Excessive Thinking Is The Beginning Of Depression.

Among the main psychiatric causes that can lead a person to commit an act of this nature are psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, psychotic depression, use of psychoactive substances and antisocial personality disorder.

Classification of depressive disorders:
– Major depressive disorder.
– Persistent depressive disorder.
– Depressive disorder not specified.
– Premenstrual dysphoric disorder.
– Depressive disorder due to another illness.
– Substance-induced depressive disorder.


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