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Diapering Fundamentals-Peeing, Pooping and Diaper Rash with Dr. Jen — Ask Dr. Jen

Q: How can I inform if my diaper matches my child?

A: Diapers ought to at all times be cosy, however not too tight on the legs that it leaves marks or indentations. The diaper ought to seem straight throughout your child’s tummy, be equally proportioned on both aspect and sit proper beneath the stomach button. Cases of leaks might be diminished you probably have the right match.  

Q: Is there an age or part that infants undergo the place diaper rash is extra frequent?  

A: Diaper rash can happen at any age, nonetheless, there are particular durations in a child’s life the place they’re extra frequent. Usually occasions, diaper rash happens as a result of new child pores and skin is extraordinarily delicate. Since infants are likely to have many bowel actions over the course of a day, the moist feces in opposition to the pores and skin can result in pores and skin irritation. A typical time to expertise diaper rash is across the 4-6 month mark when infants are launched to strong meals. This triggers a change in digestion, which in flip can set off rashes. Moreover, any time a child picks up an sickness that causes free bowel actions or diarrhea, diaper rash turns into extra frequent. 

Q: What causes diaper rash?

Diaper rash can have many alternative causes. Usually occasions, it happens as a result of the diaper space is heat, moist and coated. Diaper rash can happen when stool or urine is uncovered to the pores and skin for lengthy durations of time. Yeast infections happen as a result of fungus likes to develop and multiply in a heat, moist surroundings, inflicting a vibrant purple, pimply rash. Diaper rash might be an irritation due to a too-tight diaper, a part within the diaper, a brand new meals, or an sickness. Even antibiotics may cause diaper rash from the rise in free poop/diarrhea and from an overgrowth of yeast as a consequence of antibiotics’ impact on killing the “good” micro organism in child’s physique.

Q: How do you forestall diaper rash?

A: Among the finest methods to curb diaper rash is by altering the diaper continuously, significantly after each bowel motion. It’s finest to keep away from wipes that include alcohol and fragrances, as these can irritate a child’s delicate pores and skin. If an irritant or contact rash happens, utilizing a diaper cream with a excessive focus of Zinc Oxide could be very efficient. 

Q: What’s one of the simplest ways to treatment diaper rash?

A: The easiest way to treatment diaper rash is to forestall the rash within the first place. That mentioned, as soon as a diaper rash happens, it might probably take just a few days to per week to resolve fully. A couple of of my insider ideas: Ensure that when utilizing diaper cream you apply it very thick like you might be icing a cake. Additionally, it’s essential to recollect by no means to clean a child’s backside clear — this truly prevents the pores and skin from therapeutic. Simply rinse with heat water or use some mineral oil on a cotton ball to cleanse after a bowel motion. Moreover, be sure the world is totally dry earlier than placing on one other diaper. 

Q: Is it true that sure meals trigger diaper rash?

A: Juice, as a consequence of all of the concentrated sugar, can result in diarrhea which in flip, may cause diaper rash. As well as, some acidic meals like citrus, tomatoes, and berries, can worsen a child or little one who already has diaper rash, so chances are you’ll wish to maintain off on these meals whereas they’re therapeutic. Conversely, there are particular meals that may assist whereas a child is therapeutic from diaper rash. Bread, pasta, grains, eggs, and applesauce are binding meals that lower the frequency of bowel actions and agency up stool.

Q: How typically must you change a diaper?

A: This varies, however on common, diapers needs to be modified each 3-4 hours, or sooner if a bowel motion occurs. It isn’t essential to get up a sleeping child with a dirty diaper, however it’s advisable to vary her or him proper once they get up.

Q: How will I do know if my child is allergic to a diaper or if it’s only a diaper rash?

A: It may be very tough to inform if a child is allergic to a diaper itself. It may be another product like a wipe, detergent or ointment containing an offending substance. It’s essential to pay attention to any current modifications within the child’s routine or the introduction of any new merchandise when attempting to find out the foundation trigger. Allergic reactions might be very purple, swollen and even seem as hive-like rashes on the world the place it’s in touch with the child’s pores and skin. If in case you have considerations about any diaper rash or if it might be an allergy, it’s at all times finest to seek the advice of along with your pediatrician for additional analysis.

Q: When looking for diapers, what ought to I search for by way of the ingredient checklist? Are there any large ‘no-nos’ (like parabens, fragrances, and many others.)? 

A: As a result of child pores and skin is so delicate, I like to recommend diapers (like these) freed from perfume and dye, together with no parabens, phthalates, alcohol, and 0% chlorine bleaching.

Q: By way of poop, what shade stool is regular?

A: Poop might be a wide range of colours from yellow to orange to vibrant inexperienced and all shades of brown. All of it is dependent upon the child’s food plan, in addition to how lengthy it takes to undergo the gastrointestinal tract and the added quantity of digestive enzymes and bile acids blended in. You ought to be involved should you see any purple within the stool, as that might be an indication of blood. If you happen to’re involved, you must seek the advice of along with your pediatrician.

Q: What’s one of the simplest ways to diaper when the child nonetheless has the umbilical wire? 

A: It could take as much as two weeks or extra for the umbilical wire to dry up and fall off fully. Earlier than that point, it’s suggested to maintain the wire dry, clear and open to air. I like to recommend when diapering, to both use a new child diaper that has the wire space notched out or to easily fold the diaper beneath the wire.

Every other questions on pooping, peeing or diapering your child? Let me know within the feedback . And since busy mother and father such as you, need the solutions on the go 24/7 take a look at Pediatrician in Your Pocket, the one science-based, mom-tested, no-judgment, video information for brand spanking new mother and father. Recommendation and ideas from me, a board licensed doctor and mother of three.


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