Eat These Foods At This Time And Improve Your Fitness

 Eat These Foods At This Time And Improve Your Fitness

Food is the foundation of good sports performance. Did you know that the number or proportion of food groups that each person should eat should be based on the type of physical activity they do, performance, goals, etc?

Experts say that a good diet is essential to have good results during a workout. You have to be very careful in choosing the ingredients of your meals if you want the effects of physical activity to be enhanced.

Sportspeople burn many more calories than non-sportspeople, so they may consume a greater amount of food.

A person who dedicates several hours of their day to sports, should follow a diet in which carbohydrates cannot be missing. This is to avoid the depletion of glycogen reserves, hypoglycemia and the appearance of central fatigue. Foods rich in carbohydrates such as pasta, potatoes, legumes, rice, etc.

Champions Keep Playing Until They Get It Right.

In this type of sports-oriented diet, proteins and fats also play a central role. The amount or choice of food groups should be chosen depending on the physical activity performed, the training objective, performance, age, weight and sex of the person in question. Clearly, to create an effective eating plan, a nutritionist should be consulted.

Nutrition experts have told you that athletes are advised not to eat high-fiber or high-fat foods prior to training as their digestion can affect performance.

They advise eating about three hours before practicing sports. With respect to the consumption of caffeine, this should be taken one hour before training, since after that time coffee has more effect. Half an hour before you could eat a fruit, but never a heavy meal.

The meal after training should respect the proportion of 1g/kg of weight of carbohydrates and 0.3g/kg of weight of proteins, for a correct recovery.

Always Give Your Best. What You Sow Today Will Bear Fruit Tomorrow.

A mistake that people make is to stop eating a particular food group, without any medical advice, for fear of getting fat. This is wrong and should always be supervised by a nutrition specialist.


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