Lose Weight In 4 Weeks With These Exercises.

 Lose Weight In 4 Weeks With These Exercises.

Squats, Jumping Jacks, push ups and ironing, four exercises that will make you lose weight in a month, getting in shape and developing the muscles of your arms, back and legs.

These exercises are very well known and will allow you to play with repetitions to strengthen arms, back, abs, legs, buttocks… As Alejandro Marcet, personal trainer, “in general, they could be exercises to start with, combining time and intensity”.

The best thing would be to start for one minute, or to do combinations of intensity. If you want an effective routine, you can do 3 sets of 30 seconds per exercise.

This type of exercise is very fashionable and has very good results. Not only because of its simplicity, but also because of its effectiveness for the body.

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Exercise Only Changes Your Body And Mind, It Also Changes Your Attitude And Mood.

Jumping Jacks.
One of the best metabolic exercises you can do, although it can also be the most hated. You activate from the feet to the head, the whole body, regulating the heart rate and improving the balance. Introducing it in the series is something very good for the physical form, practicing it for a minute, as many times as you can, or being part of the series of repetitions.

Exercise to work on your abs. Back expert Stuart McGill says the most effective way to keep it from being a harmful exercise is to hold the iron for 10 seconds. However, personal trainer Benji Tiger says that between 20 and 30 seconds is still very effective and not harmful.


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