How To Effectively Combat An Anxiety Crisis

 How To Effectively Combat An Anxiety Crisis

Palpitations, sweating and even shortness of breath are common symptoms. These good habits to prevent an anxiety crisis save a number of problems to the body. In addition, they help to relax and to face with better spirit those sudden panic attacks or of uncontrollable anguish. Although they can appear because of daily hustle and bustle, in some cases there is no apparent cause. The important thing is to take things easy and, if you think it’s necessary, go to the doctor.

Anxiety affects a high percentage of the world’s population, including children. Although it is linked to work issues, there are also situations in the home that can trigger it. Economic deficiencies, confrontations or illnesses are triggers.

Fortunately, the anxiety crisis can be prevented with these good and simple habits. It is only a matter of deciding and starting to work:

  • A correct breathing is indispensable for the best functioning of the organism. In episodes of anxiety it is even more so. When there is a crisis the difficulty to breathe appears and with it the sensation of suffocation. Combating them with soft, regular and slow breaths is very effective.
  • Sitting with your elbows resting on the chair, breathe in through your nose for four seconds and bring the air to your stomach. Two seconds later exhale slowly through the mouth, also for four seconds. Repeat as many times as necessary until you feel calmer. Daily practice is very effective.
  • Constant physical exercise improves not only physical health, but also emotional health. Not only do you concentrate on these tasks, but you also oxygenate yourself, which increases your sense of well-being. Moderate sessions of about 40 minutes, three or four times a week, help prevent anxiety crises.
  • Yoga, massage or meditation are also excellent allies to prevent an anxiety crisis. Practicing them daily or at least three times a week will be one of the best treatments.
  • A healthy and balanced diet is also a good habit. Foods rich in fiber and fish are ideal for preventing attacks. They improve the intestinal microbiota, which is related to anxiety, stress and depression.
  • The intake of relaxing tea is also very convenient in periods of anxiety. They help calm nerves and feel a sense of relaxation. Valerian, lavender or chamomile are highly recommended.
  • In the most severe cases of anxiety crisis, it is advisable to go to the doctor. The professional may indicate behavioral therapies or prescribe drugs to help alleviate and prevent the condition.
Fear sharpens the senses. Anxiety paralyzes them.

If you are facing an anxiety crisis, practice these good habits to prevent it. They will certainly help you relax and make the best decisions to avoid it. You will also be able to fight it with better spirit.


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