How you can Chant OM Accurately? Your Frequent Questions Answered

In case you have been into yoga for a while, likelihood is, a technique or one other, you recognize about Om. OM is an emblem with sacred that means in Hinduism in addition to a seed mantra.

As a widespread mantra in yoga, OM is chanted normally initially and/or the tip of the yoga class. In your guidelines for the primary yoga class, be ready for chanting OM within the group no less than a few times in a session.

The entire vibrations within the cosmos are included within the sound of OM. Calming you down, bringing you happiness, and igniting your spirituality, OM chanting may help you join with increased consciousness.

Did you ever understand should you’re chanting OM appropriately? Do you incorporate nostril and mouth respiratory individually throughout inhale and exhale in OM? Do you deal with completely different elements of the physique whereas reciting completely different sounds of OM? Sure, that is how OM chanting really ought to be.

Chanting OM, nevertheless, appears to sound like some other phrase we recite however in yoga, it’s completely a distinct sport. As a result of we incorporate inhaling a sample whereas OM chanting, it’s additionally practised individually as pranayama referred to as “Udgeeth Pranayama / OM chanting breath“.

On this article, we’ll see the right manner of chanting OM. Earlier than that, it’s necessary to know the way we utter completely different sounds of OM individually and what’s their significance on the bodily, psychological and religious planes.

Understanding the sound of OM

After we converse a phrase, be it in any language, we use a particular a part of our mouth to make a sound. For instance, once we say ‘Ok’; we’re utilizing our throat, once we say ‘d’; we contact the higher palate with our tongue, and in announcing ‘b’; we purse our lips.

Conserving this in thoughts, OM is taken into account to be a whole phrase in itself as you make the most of every a part of your mouth but your tongue stays untouched if you utter it.

The syllable Om consists of the three sounds ‘A’, ‘U’ and ‘M’ – AUM. Actually, it’s pronounced as “AaaahooohMmmm.” After we chant OM, we take a deep breath in and whereas respiratory out slowly, chanting begins with the sound ‘Aaaaah’ produced from the deep throat, regularly shifting to “oooh” from the center a part of the mouth and eventually ends at “Mmmm” by the entrance a part of the mouth.

All three sound of Om is chanted from the mouth throughout one exhalation. It signifies the emergence, sustenance, and completion; combinedly generally known as the “authentic vibration of the universe” in Hinduism.

The primary sound “Aaaah”

Whereas Om is chanting, the again of the throat would be the first half from the place the phrase “A” is produced, sounding like a drawn-out “awe.”

When pronounced appropriately, “Aaaah” creates vibrations within the decrease stomach and the decrease three chakras – Muladhara, Svadhisthana and Manipura. This sound impacts the spinal twine and will increase its effectivity.

To pronounce this, inhale deeply and as you exhale; open your mouth broad protecting the tongue within the empty house between the higher and decrease palate pronounce “Aaaaah” from the again of your throat. Lengthen the sound until your chest and photo voltaic plexus chakra begin to vibrate. Really feel your abdomen slowly going inwards because the sound reaches its completion.

The second sound “oooh”

The emission of the sound of the phrase U, which is pronounced as a prolonged “oooh,” is a pure continuation of the primary sound “Aaaah.”

Persevering with the sound “Aaaah”, regularly shift your pronunciation to “oooh” coming from the higher palate. Right here, your mouth opening will slim right down to a horizontal ellipse form mechanically to accommodate this sound.

The sound of ‘U’ in AUM prompts the center area of the physique together with the center chakra and throat chakra. It impacts the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

The third sound “Mmmmm”

The sound of the third syllable, M, is an extended “Mmmm.” It ends with a pause of silence. This sound creates vibration within the head area, nostril and higher two chakras – Ajna and Sahasrara.

Persevering with the sound “oooh”, gently seal your lips, tongue touching the entrance tooth; begin announcing the “Mmmm” sound coming from the entrance a part of your mouth. Really feel the vibrations slowly mixing into silence.

How you can chant OM appropriately

Om chanting is generally performed initially of meditation. Subsequently, the perfect time to chant is the early morning when there may be pure calmness within the atmosphere.

Mostly Om is chanted thrice throughout prayers, rituals or any spiritual follow. Nonetheless in meditation and when it’s chanted as a standalone follow, Om chanting ought to be performed 21 or 108 occasions. It’s thought-about auspicious numbers within the yogic custom.

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Set a time for chanting in order that your thoughts shouldn’t be continually distracted by considering you could have misplaced observe of time. Usually, It can take 10 or half-hour to finish 21 or 108 chants respectively. You should use a timer for five,10,quarter-hour, with a tender sound to provide you with a warning.

Earlier than you start Om chanting, discover a quiet place the place nobody can disturb you in your meant time period. In case you are chanting in your house at a room, inform your loved ones members of your intentions and never disturb you.

Sit down in a crossed-leg meditation place that you just discover snug. A newbie can sit in Sukhasana (straightforward pose). No matter place you select, ensure you maintain your backbone and again of the top straight and aligned. Your chest ought to be open and your chin parallels the bottom.

One can select to take a seat on a chair as nicely. Your ft ought to be in direct contact with the ground and your backbone erect all through the follow.

Carry your fingers in your knees palm going through up. Make Gyan mudra with each your fingers and shut your eyes for meditation. Chill out your thoughts and physique by bringing your consideration to the breath. All through the chanting, focus your thoughts on the sound and synchronize this sound along with your breath.

Observe the steps to chant om appropriately:

  • Take three deep breaths slowly and steadily by your nostril.
  • On the finish of the third inhale as you exhale, open your mouth and chant the “Aaaah” out of your throat. Really feel the feeling of vibration within the decrease stomach area.
  • In the identical breath, slowly slim your mouth opening and regularly shift your chant to the “oooh” sound coming from the higher palate. Right here, really feel the vibration rising from chest to throat area. Combindelly the phrase ‘A-U’ will create ‘Aaaaaaooooh’ sound.
  • Maintaing this identical breath, slowly seal your lips keeing higher and decrease tooth barely parted, and shift your chant to “Mmmmmm…ng” sound coming entrance a part of your mouth. Transition from “oooh” sound to “Mmmm” shall be pure.
  • Be within the silence for a number of seconds after one Om chant ends with “Mmmmmm…ng” sound.
  • Inhale by nostril and repeat the method with “Aaaaah” chant.
  • Chant on this method 3 occasions to start with should you’re doing it your self. With time and follow, lengthen the variety of chants to 9, 21 and 108 occasions.

After finishing Om chant 3 occasions initially, observe your respiratory. For those who’ve chanted appropriately, you will note in your pure respiratory the exhalation is little longer than inhalation. It exhibits the activation of parasympathetic or ‘rest-and-digest’ system of the physique.

Bear in mind these factors whereas OM chanting

  • Don’t deal with sound of A-U-M altogether initially. Float and chant particular phrase sound individually, combinedly it can create the sound of Om.
  • Transition from ‘A to U’ and ‘U to M’ sound ought to be gradual and regular that even you don’t understand it. Attempt to not break the mantra when shifting one phrase’s sound to a different.
  • Don’t pressure your respiratory to increase your chant. Divide one breath in a fashion that sound of ‘A-U’ takes 80 % of your breath and the sound of ‘M’ relaxation 20 % .
  • Whereas in group chanting of Om, like in a yoga class, mix your voice with everybody within the group.
  • Most significantly, don’t take heed to the way you chant Om. Concentrate on how the mantra makes you are feeling and merge into the vibration of the mantra.

Silent chanting of OM

Silent chanting or psychological chanting of OM is taken into account the very best type of chanting. It locations a direct affect on the upper chakras and thoughts. It encourages you to discover your self inwards with an consciousness of the breath.

While you chant silently, you’ll discover that AUM is synchronized along with your inhale and exhale mechanically. 

To chant OM silently, come to the identical place as you’ll for normal meditation. Place your palms in your knees and shut your eyes. Maintain your physique regular and inhale deeply thrice. Give it a minute or two extra to permit your thoughts to loosen up. Start chanting the Om mantra in your thoughts. If you find yourself meditating silently, you don’t want to maneuver your lips.

The pronunciation of the OM mantra ought to stay the identical as you’ll when chanting loudly. Your thoughts will naturally get quiet as you proceed ahead with it. As quickly as you deliver your consideration to the stillness of your thoughts, ideas will start to return. Proceed your follow with out giving it any thought.

Silent chanting urges you to grasp your root of existence by going into the unconscious thoughts. You may get a transparent image of the age-old query of “Who am I?” and “What am I?”

The most important advantage of silent chanting is that you could carry out it wherever, anytime, and in any state of affairs.

Significance of OM chanting

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Spiritually talking, image OM has a really particular and excessive significance in Hinduism. It’s thought-about to be the phrase that was produced on the time of the creation of the universe. Thus, OM accommodates vibrations (432 Hz) much like that of the universe and nature in itself. Chanting OM means you make a connection to the universe and nature in its purest type.

That is additionally the explanation most historic Hindu texts and mantras begin with and finish with OM. 

In yogic traditions, OM is commonly chanted initially and finish of a follow. It’s a bija mantra that signifies the Atman (soul) and the Brahman (universe, reality, or final actuality).

In keeping with sage Patanjali, chanting OM within the correct manner can sharpen and deepen the meditation follow and elevate our consciousness. You too can be free out of your karmic money owed should you chant OM usually with dedication.

Your chakras are additionally stimulated and cleansed with the vibrations of OM chanting.

It begins with the Photo voltaic Plexus chakra, regularly spreads to the Coronary heart, Throat, and Third Eye chakra, and ends on the Crown chakra. For those who put your fingers in every of those areas, you’ll be able to simply really feel these vibrations. A way more profound vibration could be felt within the third eye and crown chakras that are positioned within the head.

There are additionally numerous meanings of OM or AUM. In nature, A signifies the awake state, U is the dreaming state and M is the state of deep sleep. Additionally it is typically related to the Lord Ganesha, the place A is his stomach, U is the trunk and M is his head.

Furthermore, the three vital Gods within the Hindu faith Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are additionally stated to be represented by AUM.

Steadily Requested Questions

How lengthy do you have to chant OM?

Whereas there isn’t any definitive length for mantra chanting, begin by setting 5 minutes initially for a number of days. For mantra meditation, you’ll be able to enhance the time to half-hour to 1 hour.

What number of occasions to chant OM?

Usually Om is chanted thrice in the beginning and ending of yoga class. It’s both mixed with 3 Shanti’s of shanti mantra or chanted individually.
As a religious seeker, one can chant Om 21 occasions. Chanting Om 21 occasions purifies 5 organs of motion, 5 organs of notion, 5 vayus, 5 koshas and particular person’s ego.

Can OM be chanted at any time?

OM is a bija mantra that may be chanted at any time and for any state of affairs. Nonetheless, one of the best time to chant is through the Brahma Muhurta (between 4-6 am), 12 midday, and within the night, as they’re thought-about auspicious occasions. These are additionally the occasions when you’ll be able to expertise a sure stage of quietness.

What ought to be respiratory ratio in Om chanting?

When Om is chanted thrice, respiratory ratio ought to be like this;
First time: A sound – 50%, U sound – 30% and M sound – 20%
Second time: A sound – 30%, U sound – 30% and M sound – 40%
Third time: A sound – 20%, U sound – 30% and M sound – 50%


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