Improve Your Reflexes With These Exercises.

 Improve Your Reflexes With These Exercises.

Reaction time, or reflexes, is the time that passes from when you perceive something until your senses can respond to that stimulus. But response time is a skill that is developed from childhood and can improve with practice. So this can be extremely useful for certain sports such as athletics or swimming. Start with exercises to improve your reaction time and get good results.

Catch A Ruler.
As soon as the ruler falls vertically, try to catch it. With this exercise you can measure your reaction speed. That is, if the ruler is 30 cm long and you catch it in the first 15 cm, you can say that you have a very good reaction capacity.

Response Time Is A Skill That Is Developed From Childhood And Can Improve With Practice.

Agility Circuits.
Training the speed of reaction while setting your whole body in motion with agility circuits can be excellent. To be able to develop it requires many elements such as ladders, cones, hoops, ropes, etc. The more movements and complicated they are, the more your reflexes will increase.

Throwing And Catching Balls.
This exercise improves your ability to respond, as it tests your speed, moving constantly to catch the ball before it reaches the ground. You can also stand facing a wall and bounce the ball against it and try to catch it again.

Pick Up Objects On Signal.
Sit at a table and ask someone to place an object in front of you. When the person says, you should grab it as fast as you can. This movement is very useful because it works as a simulation of an unexpected stimulus.

These Exercises Are To Improve Your Reaction Time And Get Good Results.

Vertical Jump.
During exercise or training sessions you can set an alarm on your mobile phone at regular intervals. So that every time it rings, it forces you to jump.

So start including these exercises in your training session so that you can improve your reaction time dramatically. Don’t miss this opportunity and notice the difference..


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