Legs, Glutes, Core, Arms – Oh My!

Do you wish to focus in on one space in your observe or choose to do a little bit of the whole lot throughout your time on the mat? The poses outlined on this observe goal all of it.

No props are required for these poses, simply roll out your mat and provides them a go.

  1. Twist – Lay flat in your again. Hug proper knee in to your stomach, whereas pushing into the left heel. Roll the suitable ankle a couple of occasions. Press the shoulders into the mat, discovering size within the low again. Carry it right into a twist, bringing proper knee throughout the stomach to the left. Attain your proper arm out to the facet. Gaze over the suitable shoulder. Stacking the hips. Return to heart and repeat on the opposite facet.

2. Bridge – Bend the knees, bringing each toes to the mat. Arms come down on the sides. Push into the toes to elevate up, hips, low again, mid again. If you would like, interlace the palms beneath you. Hug your internal thighs towards each other. Attain the tailbone in the direction of the knees. Hold size within the neck.

3. Facet Sphinx – Roll onto your left facet for an enormous facet physique stretch. Come onto your forearm, or take deeper by lifting to the palm. Stack one leg over the opposite. Maintain in lateral flexion. Repeat on the opposite facet.

4. Prayer Twist – Come to desk prime, with knees hip width distance aside. Step the suitable foot to the highest of the mat. Convey the suitable knee over your proper ankle. Raise the palms up, bringing them collectively on the coronary heart. Take left elbow throughout to the surface of the suitable knee. Push arm into thigh to elevate the chest up and keep away from collapsing into it. Repeat on the opposite facet.

5. Ahead Fold – Get up on the prime of your mat. Fold down over the legs, bending the knees as wanted. Seize the 2 large toes with the peace fingers. Inhale to elevate and lengthen. Exhale, bend elbows away from each other as you fold.

6. Eagle Pose – Raise as much as standing. Convey your arms in entrance of you, bending into the elbows. Loop the suitable elbow beneath the left one, binding a couple of times. Cross the left thigh over the suitable one. Bend within the knees. Perhaps tucking the left toes behind the suitable shin. Roll the shoulders down and pull the stomach in. Strive it on the opposite leg.

7. Facet Plank Variation – From downward canine, kick the suitable leg up. Step it midway up the mat. Roll onto the outer fringe of the left foot, as proper toes flip to the suitable. Push into the left arm. Attain your proper arm up and over. Inhale, bringing proper hand again in the direction of toes and dip the hips down. Exhale to elevate again up and over. Repeat a couple of rounds along with your breath. Return to down canine and swap sides.

These poses are from an intermediate half hour observe on my YouTube channel. Test it out beneath.




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