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Now, let’s discuss listening to your physique and mind information in intuitive consuming, and the way you need to use each these sources of data collectively.

Listening to Your Physique Data in Intuitive Consuming:

Physique information consists of starvation and fullness cues, meals preferences, cravings, and the way meals makes you are feeling. Basically, it’s the knowledge you acquire by listening to your physique and understanding what it’s making an attempt to let you know.

It’s apparent in hindsight, however one factor I prefer to remind my shoppers in that your physique’s job is to try to hold you alive. Every thing it does, even the belongings you don’t like very a lot, are for an excellent cause. Whereas our physique’s messaging system can definitely “misfire” underneath sure circumstances, for probably the most half, total it’s going to lead you in the direction of feeding your physique adequately and appropriately with all kinds of meals, some extra enjoyable and others extra fueling.

Now, after I discuss listening to your physique, I do know plenty of you on the market are scratching your head and pondering, “uhhh however what if it’s not speaking?” Many individuals are fairly disconnected from their physique, particularly those that have skilled trauma, excessive stress, gastrointestinal illness or different situations that trigger power ache and discomfort. Whereas that disconnection will be extraordinarily irritating when one is making an attempt to observe intuitive consuming, it’s useful to do not forget that it began as a survival mechanism – a method of defending your self when embodiment didn’t really feel secure.

I like to make use of a easy analogy to assist shoppers reconnect with their physique. Think about your physique is a good friend that you simply’ve misplaced contact with over time. They stored calling you, making an attempt to maintain the connection going, however for no matter cause you didn’t decide up the telephone. So, they stopped calling. Now you need to reestablish the connection. You notice you have been a crappy good friend, so It’s your flip to select up the telephone! You ask them what’s occurring of their life and present up for them as a good friend by taking actions that present you care.

In intuitive consuming, this appears such as you feeding your self adequately all through the day and checking in along with your physique to ask for its wants. You may not know the reply, however you’re at the very least exhibiting up and demonstrating care by checking in! A method I’ve shoppers observe that is by checking in with their physique at instances all through the day, and finishing a short physique scan to see what their physique would possibly want. I encourage going past simply checking with starvation and fullness cues. You physique would possibly want a snack. Or possibly it wants fuzzy socks for chilly ft and a rest room break. Honoring all of your wants is a technique to take heed to your physique and construct embodiment.


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