Orange, Strawberry And Mint Water To Lose Weight

 Orange, Strawberry And Mint Water To Lose Weight

Avoid weight gain in this season and achieve your ideal weight without rebound, without side effects and without extreme diets.
When the Christmas season arrives with its endless meetings, it is almost taken for granted that it will be inevitable to gain weight. Don’t be fooled! With will you can keep and even reduce sizes, one of the best remedies is orange mint water to lose weight and clean your body.

Admit it, bad eating and moisturizing habits help you accumulate toxins in the body, over time, these trigger various diseases, so now more than ever, you have to find the best way to clean your body with home remedies, orange water and peppermint is ideal for it and to reduce the fat you have accumulated.

Reduce the consumption of salt, sugar and flour in addition to drinking at least a liter and a half of water per day. In addition, supplement with this orange water, strawberry and mint to accelerate metabolism, cleanse your body and eliminate body fat, your beauty will be at its best.
However, before going on to the recipe, you will know why this combination of ingredients and you will be surprised by its benefits.


You’ve probably tried the natural flavoured waters, the orangeade, the lemonade or the classic fruit water, but here some changes will be made to enjoy on a large scale the benefits of each ingredient.

Losing weight is not only a manifestation of your vanity, but a step towards a better state of health that will lead you to a longer and healthier life. Although you know that you must drink natural water, for many it is difficult, adding fruits like this will make the task easier and you will even drink a little more than you need for the taste.

As for orange, it is well known that it is rich in Vitamin C, so it strengthens your immune system and helps you stay young with its high level of antioxidants. In addition, this fruit contains fiber which improves your digestive functions, provides folic acid, B vitamins, regulates cholesterol and strengthens the bones.

Strawberry is low in calories, rich in protein, a great source of antioxidants and vitamin C, is also a natural anti-inflammatory, improves bone health, improves your sense of sight, reduces your appetite, improves blood circulation and more.

Finally, mint is excellent for your digestion, avoids gas, eliminates headaches, strengthens your respiratory system, improves the conditions of your skin, reduces inflammation and pain, eliminates bad breath, improves blood circulation, fights female intimate infections, increases libido, among other benefits.


As you can imagine, this orange, peppermint and strawberry water is delicious, it will help you hydrate, refresh, detoxify your body, eliminate toxins and lose weight quite a few benefits!

1 orange
6 good size strawberries
10 mint leaves
4 cups water
Cut the orange into slices and the strawberry into small pieces and wash the mint leaves.
Place the three ingredients in a large glass bowl along with the four cups of water. Let everything rest for at least one hour, the longer you wait, the better the taste of the detox water.
Take it throughout the day, you can repeat daily as many times as you want.


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