Overview: Orange Seal’s Endurance tubeless sealant lasts eternally however can’t take the chilly

Except you really love wrenching in your bike, you in all probability wish to know as soon as one thing is fastened it’s going to remain that means for some time. On the subject of tubeless sealant, the longer it lasts the extra upkeep it may prevent. I’ve been testing Orange Seal’s Endurance sealant since final fall and might affirm mine has lasted nicely past the corporate’s claims, even with just a few blunders alongside the best way.

My plan was to depart the Endurance sealant in my wheel over the winter, then see the way it dealt with some driving the next spring. I shortly realized winter storage would possibly current some points, and it did! Nevertheless, that made for a tricky check and finally I used to be gained over by the Endurance sealant’s capability to stay efficient for an extended, very long time.

Endurance Sealant Set up Notes:

Orange Seal Endurance sealant, filling with hose

I acquired one 8oz bottle of Endurance sealant with the dipstick/injector hose package and one refill bottle. I arrange the rear wheel on my private bike in the beginning of November utilizing 4oz in my 2.5 x 27.5” tire (3-4oz is really helpful).

The provided fill hose matches snugly over my valve and didn’t leak, and I appreciated the comfort of filling by means of the valve with the tire already mounted on the rim. The bottle doesn’t have ounces marked on the facet (which might be most popular), however since I used 4oz it was straightforward to estimate from the 8oz bottle. I had no points with the tire sealing up, and bought a few rides in with none issues.

The Take a look at of Time (and temperature):

Orange Seal Endurance sealant, bike in storage

My chilly, darkish winter storage unit.

As winter set in, I noticed I’d be exceeding the temperature vary of this sealant. The Endurance sealant is just speculated to deal with temperatures all the way down to 0° celsius, and it dips nicely beneath freezing in my unheated bike storage…

After a number of weeks of sitting, I checked my wheel in early January and located my tire lifeless flat! I then pumped it as much as 30psi and gave it just a few spins, however discovered it flat once more a day later. At this level, temperatures have been round -13° Celsius, which is nicely past what’s really helpful for this sealant. Even within the chilly my rear tire’s bead was nonetheless principally caught to the rim, nevertheless it wasn’t holding air.

Assuming temperature was the problem, I introduced my rear wheel inside my home and pumped it up once more. I put about 25psi in it, spun it round a number of instances, and after one evening it went all the way down to about 12psi. I gave it yet one more attempt, pumping the tire again as much as 25psi, and from that time on the tire efficiently re-sealed and reliably held air stress.

Orange Seal Endurance sealant, wheel indoors

My re-sealed wheel having fun with above freezing temperatures.

By no fault of its personal, the sealant bought examined as soon as extra after I checked the tire once more a number of weeks later. I put my pump on the valve, gave it two or three strokes, and the whole lot regarded positive. Quickly afterward I discovered my valve had gummed up with sealant and let virtually all of the stress out of the tire once more! The bead was nonetheless utterly caught to the rim, and as soon as the valve was cleaned out and the tire re-inflated, it held air as soon as extra. From that time on the tire has remained correctly sealed, surviving just a few Spring nights that dipped barely beneath 0° and reliably holding air all through all the summer time (whereas my bike sadly sat in storage attributable to a damaged wrist).

Sadly, I’ve not had any punctures on-trail with the Endurance sealant put in, so whereas I can say it’s undoubtedly long-lasting I can’t say a lot about its hole-filling capabilities. Orange Seal claims it should seal punctures as much as 1/8” and slices as much as 1/2” lengthy.

The Dipstick:

Orange Seal Endurance sealant, dipstickI discovered one lesson about Orange Seals’ dipstick – You want to have your bike in a piece stand (or the wheel suspended one way or the other) for it to be helpful. I attempted checking my sealant with my bike on the bottom, hoping if I used to be cautious the tire would maintain its form, however after all, the airless tire simply laid flat making it unattainable to find out my sealant degree! Should you do have your bike in a piece stand the dipstick may point out whether or not you want a top-up or not, which you possibly can simply then do with out eradicating the tire. There are not any ‘OK’ and ‘Fill’ marks on the dipstick, nevertheless it will provide you with some thought of how a lot sealant is in your tire.

Orange Seal Endurance sealant, Steve Fisher riding

After many months and some hiccups, I’m impressed with the truth that regardless of being uncovered to air or dropping virtually all tire stress a number of instances I used to be in a position to keep on utilizing the identical sealant with no top-ups. The sealant went in final November and (apart from the sub-zero failure) has remained efficient till this September, nicely exceeding Orange Seal’s personal declare of 60-120 days. I can undoubtedly affirm the Endurance sealant lives as much as its identify and will hold tires sealed for the lengthy haul.

Whereas I believe the dipstick is one thing some riders would possibly by no means use, I did discover the injector bottle and fill hose handy. My solely warning is to observe that temperature vary – when you dwell anyplace that experiences chilly winters it is best to think about Orange Seal’s Subzero sealant as a substitute, which is rated all the way down to -20° Celsius.


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