Postpartum Depression Affects Many Women.

 Postpartum Depression Affects Many Women.

This problem affects several women and can be delayed for up to a year. Depressions can be moderate or intense, depending on the alteration in hormone levels, influential environmental factors and the woman’s state of mind.

What is postpartum depression?
Postpartum depression occurs mainly because of hormonal disorders that occur in the woman’s body during pregnancy and after giving birth. During pregnancy, progesterone and estrogen levels rise and then suddenly drop after delivery, affecting mood. When the hormones stabilize, the feeling of sadness may go away or go into remission.

Postpartum Depression Is An Experience That Many Women Go Through After Giving Birth.

The consequences of postpartum depression are reflected in a woman’s mood and often manifest themselves in crying, anxiety, restlessness and in some cases, major depression. Women go through different fears before and after giving birth, either because they feel exhausted with the birth of the baby or very worried about the upbringing. They also experience loss of appetite, insecurity, sleep disorder, among others.

This situation may be accompanied by more severe feelings, such as a lack of connection with the baby or feeling that they are not able to raise the baby properly. In turn, they can last for months or a year, which is why they usually need psychological help or treatment with medication, indicated by a specialist.


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