Red Wine May Fight Anxiety, Stress Effectively

 Red Wine May Fight Anxiety, Stress Effectively

A study conducted by Buffalo University in New York and Xuzhou University of Medicine in China found that resveratrol, a component present in red wine, may work to control anxiety and depression.

The research tested the effects of this chemical in a group of mice injected with corticosterone, a stress-controlling hormone. When the mice were at the highest points of stress, they were given a high dose of resveratrol and their stress decreased markedly.

The specialists who conducted the study said that resveratrol consumption could become an effective treatment for patients suffering from depression or anxiety, however, at the moment the research is at an early stage and many studies are still missing to corroborate the above.

In fact, for a person to match the dose of resveratrol used in mice, he or she would have to drink more than 400 glasses of red wine before having the same antidepressant and anxiolytic effect they had.


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