Relieve Your Aches And Pains With These Yoga Postures

 Relieve Your Aches And Pains With These Yoga Postures

After an intense physical activity or after a long period of inactivity, muscular pains often appear, which are known as “cramps”. However, Yoga by focusing on slow movements where elasticity, flexibility and stretching are provided can help reduce this discomfort. Therefore, these postures will make those undesirable pinches disappear.

High Angle Posture
With this posture, apart from relieving pain, it will reduce the tension in the lumbar area. Sit on a mat and put your feet together. Hold them with your hands and keep moving for a few minutes. Then try to pull your trunk forward, but without forcing it (as far as you can).

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Lotus twist pose
This asana will take the strain off your neck, shoulder and neck. Sit on a mat with your legs crossed so that the instep of your left foot is on your right thigh. While the right foot should be under the left thigh. Place your hands on your knees. Breathe deeply and when you feel comfortable, make slow circles with your head (first to the left and then to the right). Finally, make circular motions with your shoulders.

Cat Posture
A basic stance against the laches. Get into a quadruped position and take a deep breath. Pull your spine up while you put your hip in (like a cat with a curved back up). Keep your head down and perform the movement in reverse, i.e. slowly lower your back into the opposite position.

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So it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an amateur, the presence of the laces can always be present at any time. And although it’s normal for the discomfort to last a couple of days, you can forget about the strain with this Yoga session.


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