Scientists Reveal Obesity May Form in the Brain

 Scientists Reveal Obesity May Form in the Brain

Inflammation of the hypothalamus as a result of excessive intake of foods rich in fats and sugars may be the foundation for the further development of obesity.

Recent scientific studies also prove that high-calorie diets cause neuronal lesions, which in turn is reflected in inflammatory processes in the hypothalamus, the region of the brain responsible for controlling appetite and satiety.

These approaches are presented in the academic article “The origin of obesity: is everything in the brain?”, published in the journal of the Mexican Academy of Sciences.

Its authors, Ashley Castellanos Jankiewicz, Omar Guzmán Quevedo and Daniela Cota detail that microglia cells, which coexist with neurons to protect them, are responsible for promoting or blocking these inflammatory systems.


They say that his research team in France confirmed in an animal model that a diet rich in fats and sugars causes central inflammation in the hypothalamus and the proliferation of microglia with a pro-inflammatory profile and, consequently, an increase in food intake, body weight and fat tissue.

A second finding of the team was that by inhibiting the proliferation of microglia cells it is possible to block inflammation, reduce fat tissue and prevent obesity, despite the fact that the diet remains rich in fats and sugars.

“Thus, our experiments confirmed that pro-inflammatory microglia arise from consuming a high-calorie diet; in turn, this causes changes in neuronal circuits that are related to the development of obesity. Finally, blocking the proliferation of microglia prevents this disease from appearing”, the scientists add.


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