Sleep And Rest Well With These Yoga Asanas.

 Sleep And Rest Well With These Yoga Asanas.

People who suffer from insomnia or sleep difficulties may resort to chemicals or pills that alter the body in order to sleep. However, these chemicals often have side effects, so it’s best to use natural methods that help the body to go to sleep and thus to get the best possible sleep.

This position can counteract the effects of stressful days. This stretching helps improve circulation, relieves tension, controls melatonin and the body’s sleep cycle. Sit across your legs and place a cushion in front of you. Lean forward, rest your arms on the cushion and your forehead on your arms. Hold the position for as long as you feel it is necessary.

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Jathara Parivartanasana
This Asana keeps the blood pressure constant and promotes sleep. Lie on your back and bend your right leg, placing your foot on the other knee. Place your left hand on the remaining knee and bring your right knee to the ground on the left side of your body. Stretch your right arm out to the right and turn your head to the same side. Hold the position and repeat the exercise.

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Viparita Karani
This yoga pose allows you to concentrate on relaxing the stretch and preparing the mind to fall asleep. Lie on your back near a wall. Lift your legs and support them by bringing them closer to your body to form a 90° angle. Maintain the posture as long as you consider necessary.

Supta Dabbha Konasana
This posture is responsible for releasing tension and putting the body to sleep. Place a cushion and lie on your back on it. Your back and head should rest on the cushion. Bring the soles of your feet together, let your chest open and your arms rest at your sides with the palms of your hands up. Hold the position as long as necessary.

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Yoga Offers You Peace, Love And Serenity To Keep You Calm.

Now if your sleep problems are not solved by these Yoga postures, then it is better to go to the doctor so that he can give you the right treatments to improve your well-being.


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