Strengthen Your Feet And Ankles With These Exercises

 Strengthen Your Feet And Ankles With These Exercises

You’ve probably ever experienced pain in your hip or lower back. However, you rarely give the importance to the feet that they deserve, and that is where the reason for everything may lie. When these are strong and flexible you can avoid discomfort, as they help you move better and perform better. So pay attention to your feet and do these exercises.

Finger Movements And Ankle Rotation.
Stand or sit with your legs extended. Start by moving the toes, followed by external and internal rotations of the ankle. You can also flex your foot and extend it, along with the instep and toes. You may hear some thundering in your toes at first, but as you get stronger this will diminish.

The Body Is A Building That Must Be Built On A Strong And Stable Foundation.

Twin Massage.
In a controlled manner, the foam roller passes through the set of muscles that make up the twins in order to improve the range of movement and thus increase the blood supply and thus oxygenate the muscles. Likewise, with a small therapeutic ball or tennis ball, he massages the plantar fascia in the same way.

Toe Bending.
Mobilizing the big toe helps improve flexibility and mobility of the foot. Stand up and put your big toe in, bending the joint. Keep your ankle, knee and heel aligned over your toes. Make sure the knee and heel do not go to the right or left. You can use your hands if you think you need to.

Butt Bridge To A Leg.
It is one of the best exercises to learn how to recruit the buttocks while relieving the excess tension produced by the hip flexors and quadriceps. So lie down on your back with your arms at your side in a relaxed manner and your palms up. Relax your shoulders and maintain a natural position so that the weight is distributed on the support base and heels. Begin to raise your body, so that one foot is in the air and the other rests on the surface for a few seconds. Then it gradually goes down to the initial position and starts again with the other side.

When They Are Strong And Flexible They Help You Move Better And Perform Well.

Remember that the body is a building that must be built on a strong and stable foundation, to prevent it from falling. So don’t stop doing this routine to strengthen your feet.


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