Symptoms Of Depression At Christmas

 Symptoms Of Depression At Christmas

Christmas is a time to be reunited with loved ones, is the joy of the youngest, who are somehow rewarded with a toy. It seems to be happiness, where one is obliged to feel happy and to enjoy. However, some people don’t have a good time and feel sad during the supposed happiest time of the year.

Thousands of people change their mood, feel very sad, unhappy because they have had many dreams and have not achieved them. In other words, they feel failed, melancholic, undervalued and with self-esteem on the floor.

In this regard, psychiatrist Enrique Javier Bojorquez Giraldo, professor at the Faculty of Human Medicine of the USMP, points out that one should be very attentive to this disease at Christmas time, since in Peru there are approximately 1,700,000 people who have been diagnosed with depression.

There are only 425,000 people who are treated for the disease of depression. In addition, two-thirds of suicides are associated with severe depression.

Potential suicides manifest discouragement, prolonged sadness, hopelessness and irritability that are not perceived or taken into account by their relatives or people around them. From 100 people with depression from 10 to 15 end up committing suicide.

Sadness and melancholy I don’t want them in my house

A rather alarming figure that should not be overlooked. In Peru, every 22 minutes someone tries to take their own life. In the world, 800,000 people commit suicide every year; this corresponds to approximately one death every 40 seconds.

– Sadness, melancholy, irritability, or persistent feeling of emptiness.
– Various anxieties and fears.
– Loss of interest in activities that previously produced pleasure, including sexual activity.
– Fatigue or loss of energy.
– Ideas that it would be better to die or be dead, to kill yourself or attempt suicide.
– Neglect of grooming and grooming.
– Loss of appetite (weight loss) or increased appetite (weight gain).
– Trouble sleeping, insomnia, trouble keeping sleep or sleeping too much.
– Loss of emotional expression (flattened emotions).
– Feelings of hopelessness, pessimism, guilt, or worthlessness.
– Social withdrawal.
– Trouble concentrating, remembering, or making decisions.


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