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5 Activities To Say Goodbye To Anxiety In Body And

Relaxing your mind through exercise can be one of the greatest benefits of doing so, beyond the physical and healthy results that come with integrating it into your daily routine. Staying motivated, channeling your emotions, managing stress and releasing endorphins are things you can do when your body is on the move and your mind […]Read More

Adequate Hydration Helps To Lower Anxiety Levels

One of the first symptoms of anxiety is the feeling of dry mouth and drinking water becomes a tool to help calm that state of uneasiness, said psychologist Silvia Álava in a lecture on the importance of water for cognitive development delivered at the XX Conference of Practical Nutrition in 2016. But, in addition, with […]Read More

Natural Remedies And Essential Oils To Treat Anxiety.

Natural remedies to treat anxiety have great physical and mental benefits. A complementary treatment based on essential oils reduces stress and is also a preventive method. The key is to identify the specific oils for each need. Also, there are various forms of application, some individual and others that extend the benefit to the environment. […]Read More

Why Stress Makes It Difficult To Lose Weight

Stress and anxiety generate a general malaise in the body that can become a great enemy when it comes to losing weight. If you start a diet now I hope your goal is to reach September with a weight change, or December, but for the summer… impossible. At least do it in a healthy way. […]Read More

People With Depression Use More Cannabis.

New findings say that people with depression use more cannabis or marijuana. Conducted by Columbia University and the City University of New York, the study was based on a survey of more than 700,000 people over the age of 12 who have a habit of using cannabis. Similarly, the same report found that the perception […]Read More

How to tell if you’re suffering from anxiety.

Experts say that stress and anxiety are two of the main diseases of the 21st century, affecting a large part of the population. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the question: “How do I know if I have anxiety?” Well, there are a number of both physical and psychological symptoms that can help you identify an […]Read More

How To Effectively Combat An Anxiety Crisis

Palpitations, sweating and even shortness of breath are common symptoms. These good habits to prevent an anxiety crisis save a number of problems to the body. In addition, they help to relax and to face with better spirit those sudden panic attacks or of uncontrollable anguish. Although they can appear because of daily hustle and […]Read More

Red Wine May Fight Anxiety, Stress Effectively

A study conducted by Buffalo University in New York and Xuzhou University of Medicine in China found that resveratrol, a component present in red wine, may work to control anxiety and depression. The research tested the effects of this chemical in a group of mice injected with corticosterone, a stress-controlling hormone. When the mice were […]Read More

5 Tips for Building Strong Protection for Kids

Anxiety and depression are strengthening between our iGen (born between 2000 and 2013) and our Alpha Gen (born after 2013). The school setting can bring unique problems for a child with anxiety, especially if their fear pattern is social anxiety. Sometimes estimated as “performance-related” anxiety, children expressing social anxiety are often produced by both the […]Read More