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Adequate Hydration Helps To Lower Anxiety Levels

One of the first symptoms of anxiety is the feeling of dry mouth and drinking water becomes a tool to help calm that state of uneasiness, said psychologist Silvia Álava in a lecture on the importance of water for cognitive development delivered at the XX Conference of Practical Nutrition in 2016. But, in addition, with […]Read More

Eating A Lot Of Honey Has The Following Negative Effects

Too much honey can cause different problems for your body such as weight gain, changes in blood sugar levels (diabetes) or even allergies. For example, adding a few spoonfuls to a cup of boiling water and drinking it as a tea helps to relieve colic, nerves, stomach problems and promote sleep. These Are 7 Negative […]Read More

6 Health Benefits You Get Early In The Morning.

For many it’s the hardest thing to do during the day, and if they do it it’s only out of necessity, whether it’s for work or study, but getting up early has physical and emotional health benefits that may surprise you. According to a study by specialist Jean Mathenson, it is difficult to get up […]Read More

10 Benefits Of Practicing Yoga If You Run

It’s a beneficial formula for increasing your running speed, mileage and time.The regular practice of yoga provides psychic and physical benefits to runners. It secretes endorphins and helps control anxiety and stress. It is a tool that strengthens both your body and your mind. Discover some of the benefits of doing yoga if you run: […]Read More

Acupuncture, Medicine That Restores The Body’s Energy

Acupuncture is a practice of traditional Chinese medicine based on the stimulation of certain points of the body by inserting needles into the skin. It has been used since ancient times to treat pain, and the World Health Organization recognizes it as an effective treatment for at least 49 disorders, including anxiety and chronic stress. […]Read More

Foods To Eat Before And After Exercising Physical

How to lose weight in a healthy way and if you really need to consume supplements or energizers when you train. Dieting is not enough to lose weight. Drinking enough water and exercising are key. However, before and after going to the gym or doing a routine, it is important to eat certain foods that […]Read More