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5 Activities To Say Goodbye To Anxiety In Body And

Relaxing your mind through exercise can be one of the greatest benefits of doing so, beyond the physical and healthy results that come with integrating it into your daily routine. Staying motivated, channeling your emotions, managing stress and releasing endorphins are things you can do when your body is on the move and your mind […]Read More

A Healthy Diet Helps Strengthen Bones And Muscles.

The pharmacist and sports nutritionist, Manuel Arenas, recommends a diet based on vegetables, fruit, vegetables and dairy products to strengthen bones and muscles. Vegetables provide energy and strengthen the locomotive system, have few calories, a lot of fibre and are one of the healthiest foods you can find. Green leafy vegetables are the most nutritious […]Read More

Don’t Fall For The Cravings, A Healthy Diet Is Possible.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be time consuming, difficult or expensive, try the advice that a nutrition expert shares to achieve it. Dr. Mafalda Hurtado, Abbott’s Medical Director, recognizes that at any time cravings can tempt you and affect your plan for a balanced diet. “Serving healthy meals is always the goal, but sometimes children […]Read More

What Should The Diet Of Children And Adolescents Be Like

Children and adolescents perform multiple tasks during the day. Making sure their diet is healthy and wholesome with all the nutrients needed to cover these activities is critical. For this reason, the Spanish Foundation for the Digestive System (FEAD) has launched a healthy eating decalogue as a guide for parents and schools in order to […]Read More

Aerobic Exercise May Keep Brain Healthy

Recent research published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings indicated that aerobic exercise, in addition to providing fitness in humans, can have a positive impact on cognitive function, so it may keep the brain healthy. The study suggests that this type of exercise may also keep brain cells fit, since it helps preserve brain gray […]Read More

How Much Exercise Should You Do For What You Eat?

Experts from Loughborough University, UK, have found a more efficient way for consumers to eat healthily than the nutritional table. It is a stamp that indicates the amount of exercise required to burn the calories ingested with that food. The paper, published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, found that a 138-calorie soda […]Read More

Help Your Heart With A Good Healthy Diet

According to specialist studies, dietary plans based on carbohydrates, proteins or unsaturated fats also reduce blood pressure. Patients with an average age of 43 who had heart damage and high blood pressure improved almost a month later after starting a diet based on carbohydrates, proteins and natural and unsaturated fats. The above, as part of […]Read More