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Postpartum Depression Affects Many Women.

This problem affects several women and can be delayed for up to a year. Depressions can be moderate or intense, depending on the alteration in hormone levels, influential environmental factors and the woman’s state of mind. What is postpartum depression? Postpartum depression occurs mainly because of hormonal disorders that occur in the woman’s body during […]Read More

Why Stress Makes It Difficult To Lose Weight

Stress and anxiety generate a general malaise in the body that can become a great enemy when it comes to losing weight. If you start a diet now I hope your goal is to reach September with a weight change, or December, but for the summer… impossible. At least do it in a healthy way. […]Read More

This Is The Age When You Start To Get Old.

You may feel that you are beginning to notice the passage of time in your body.This is the age when you begin to age (and it’s earlier than you think) from the age of 34, when you begin to detect the first signs of aging.A group of researchers at Stanford University recently published what the […]Read More

Orange, Strawberry And Mint Water To Lose Weight

Avoid weight gain in this season and achieve your ideal weight without rebound, without side effects and without extreme diets. When the Christmas season arrives with its endless meetings, it is almost taken for granted that it will be inevitable to gain weight. Don’t be fooled! With will you can keep and even reduce sizes, […]Read More