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Lose Weight In 4 Weeks With These Exercises.

Squats, Jumping Jacks, push ups and ironing, four exercises that will make you lose weight in a month, getting in shape and developing the muscles of your arms, back and legs. These exercises are very well known and will allow you to play with repetitions to strengthen arms, back, abs, legs, buttocks… As Alejandro Marcet, […]Read More

What’s Better For Weight Loss, Diet Or Exercise?

If the confinement, the lack of physical activity and the stress of quarantine gave you a few extra pounds, it’s time to stop and do something about your health. What do you think is more convenient, diet or exercise? The first thing you should consider is that weight is not so important, because you can […]Read More

Losing Weight Without Reason Can Indicate An Illness.

Changes in diet, age, or physical activity often cause weight loss or gain. However, when you lose weight for no apparent reason, it can mean you have an undiagnosed illness. According to the Mayo Clinic, if you lose 5% of your weight in the last 6 months, you should see your doctor. This means that […]Read More

Why Stress Makes It Difficult To Lose Weight

Stress and anxiety generate a general malaise in the body that can become a great enemy when it comes to losing weight. If you start a diet now I hope your goal is to reach September with a weight change, or December, but for the summer… impossible. At least do it in a healthy way. […]Read More

Nine Fat-Burning Foods For Faster Weight Loss.

These foods presented here are ideal for losing weight more quickly. What they do is speed up the metabolism: they increase fat burning at rest. With a fast metabolism, more calories are burned, so that weight loss is accelerated. These are the most suitable foods for this purpose: Legumes: Chickpeas or lentils are good choices, […]Read More

Learn The 5 Myths About Weight Loss During Christmas

Fearing weight gain during the holidays, it is easy to be tempted to follow unscientific weight loss advice. That’s why there are five myths about dieting according to research carried out by the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, reported the specialized press. So many things are said about what to do to lose […]Read More

A Weight Loss Has More Results With Food Substitutes

Programmes based on food substitution and structured in a multidisciplinary manner have proved to be more effective in losing weight and maintaining it over time than the usual hypocaloric diets, so their adaptation to normal clinical practice could be very useful in the management of this pathology, as was shown during the symposium “Obesity as […]Read More

Orange, Strawberry And Mint Water To Lose Weight

Avoid weight gain in this season and achieve your ideal weight without rebound, without side effects and without extreme diets. When the Christmas season arrives with its endless meetings, it is almost taken for granted that it will be inevitable to gain weight. Don’t be fooled! With will you can keep and even reduce sizes, […]Read More

7 Foods to Accelerate Weight Loss

Include them in your diet to lose those extra poundsExercise is important to reduce size and tone your figure, but when it comes to losing weight, what you eat is crucial to achieving your goals. There are some foods that help you accelerate weight loss thanks to their nutritional properties and their high fiber content. […]Read More

Regular Physical Activity Brings Benefits Beyond Weight Loss

Since obesity has been rigorously shown to be an important contributor to certain types of health problems, in recent decades widespread perception has tended to demonize excess body fat. The social standard, strongly inclined towards aesthetics, often assumes that overweight people do not exercise and should be unhealthy, an unrealistic observation, as they may be […]Read More