The Main Reason Many Women Can’t Go Running

 The Main Reason Many Women Can’t Go Running

Combining family and work life with sport is the reason why many women are unable to practice running in their daily lives. Of the 2,000 women runners, 70% approve of this.

Running is one of the sports that anyone can access thanks to its freedom and flexibility, and that is why it has experienced great growth in recent years. And it has contributed to this that more and more women are daring to put on their running shoes and go running in the streets. However, many of them have to do real juggling to be able to combine sport with their everyday life.

70% Of The Women Runners Do Not Go Running Because Of Lack Of Time

70% of the women runners say that they do not go out running because most of their time is spent reconciling family and work, which is a real adventure when it comes to combining running with their daily life. But when they can, they do so mainly motivated to “disconnect and escape from the daily routine”, as well as to pursue an objective, mainly that of completing a popular race.

However, despite this lack of time, they usually train on average for 3 to 4 days while not following a training plan and they do so during the afternoon, when they have more free time. And all this to complete a race of their favourite distance, the 10km, while 24.3% start to take off and opt for slightly longer distances, such as the half marathon.

They Usually Run Their Favorite Distance, About 10 Kilometers

This report also provides other interesting data, such as running with the menstrual cycle. It is true that menstruation has been until recently a taboo subject in society, however, little by little it has become a matter of which one speaks naturally. Surely for many women it used to be a problem when training, as it can affect sporting performance, but now for more than 92% of women runners it is not a handicap and they prefer to put on their trainers and go out and burn the asphalt, and for this reason more than 51% choose to use tampons as the best feminine hygiene item for their running days.


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