This Is The Age When You Start To Get Old.

 This Is The Age When You Start To Get Old.

You may feel that you are beginning to notice the passage of time in your body.
This is the age when you begin to age (and it’s earlier than you think) from the age of 34, when you begin to detect the first signs of aging.
A group of researchers at Stanford University recently published what the 5 signs are that reveal the passage of time and at what age you actually begin to age.

The researchers published a study that details the age at which people begin to age and notice symptoms. The report was published in the journal Nature Medicine and found that the first signs of aging begin to be detected at age 34.

The scientists studied the levels of 373 proteins circulating in the blood, after analyzing samples from 4,263 people between the ages of 18 and 95.

Those Who Really Love Life Are The Ones Who Are Getting Old.

5 signs that show that you have started to age

1) The metabolism slows down.
2) Bone structure weakens.
3) Problems remembering things.
4) Sleep patterns change.
5) Bone structure begins to deteriorate.

In addition, the study shows that physiological aging occurs in three stages in the human life cycle. The first is at age 34, which is early adulthood, the second occurs at age 60, identified as the late middle age, and the third at age 78, where old age begins.

At these three ages, the number of proteins transmitted by the blood undergoes remarkable changes. Tony Wyss-Coray, professor of neurology and neurological sciences and lead author of the study, said: “This happens because instead of simply increasing or decreasing steadily or remaining the same throughout life, the levels of many proteins remain constant for a while and then at one point or another undergo sudden upward or downward changes.

The results of the study will be critical in detecting age-related conditions. For example, such as Alzheimer’s or cardiovascular disease.


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