Video games to fight depression and anxiety

 Video games to fight depression and anxiety

Video games allow you to forget about reality for a few moments. They create a parenthesis, during which you can travel to other places without losing yourself.

Video games create an environment with clear rules in which you can develop without the pressures of everyday life. Although there are those who think that video games cause isolation or can generate addiction, these can also have very positive effects.

It has been shown that video games can help fight depression or anxiety, as well as helping you relate better. There are different video games that allow a better understanding of depression and anxiety through a protagonist who has to avoid physical and emotional obstacles.

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Improving mental health through video games

IThrive Games Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the mental health of adolescents through games and education.

It is also working on a new mobile video game for anxious teens. IThrive hopes to try the game next year.

To date, most of the video games that address mental health come from independent manufacturers, who are generally more willing to innovate and may take risks by exploring unusual topics not addressed by more conventional video games.

The University of Auckland in New Zealand developed a video game known as SPARX (Smart, Positive, Active, Realistic, X-factor thoughts), whose main objective is to provide relief from depression.

The game is a graphic adventure that, through its different levels, teaches emotion management techniques, personal recognition and even cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques.


A video game room to watch

Going to a video game fair is a way of keeping up to date with the latest developments in the sector. It also allows you to see what the video game industry has to offer to treat mental health illnesses.

The NiceOne videogame show (formerly Barcelona Games World) celebrated its fourth edition this year in the Catalan capital.

This event allows visitors to immerse themselves in the world of video games and players to place themselves in the centre of the action, beyond the screens.

In this sense, Acer will offer visitors the chance to experience and feel part of this universe. Acer Predator Helios 700 is a focused team for those looking for maximum power on a laptop.

To feel that you are travelling in time or that you are on the throne of a king of the future, you can opt for the Predator Thronos. It was presented at the IFA in Berlin about a year ago and is a cabin that includes a steel structure.


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