What’s the greatest weight-reduction plan for PCOS? Every thing you might want to know.

best diet for PCOS

I’ve observed a particular uptick recently in social media posts about PCOS. A few of them are legit. Lots of them aren’t. So I figured I’d step into the fray to provide the precise particulars about this situation, and arm you with probably the most present proof round it.

A fast thanks to Spencer Nadolsky MD, Abbey Sharp RD (and on YouTube right here), and Disha Narang, MD for being my consultants all through this submit.

What’s PCOS?

PCOS is a hormonal and endocrine dysfunction that happens when the ovaries produce greater ranges of androgens, than they do estrogens. It impacts between 5%-10% of girls of childbearing age. 

The low ranges of estrogens being produced imply that ovulation doesn’t happen. 

As a substitute, the ovaries develop small cysts, that are actually tiny fluid-filled follicles. Girls naturally have follicles on their ovaries – they’re the place immature eggs are stored. However ladies who’ve PCOS, have greater than a traditional variety of antral follicles.

best diet for PCOS

What usually occurs, is that estrogen ranges drop at first of the cycle. The pituitary gland within the mind senses that and releases FSH, or follicle stimulating hormone. FSH does precisely that – it stimulates the expansion of 1 follicle each month.

When the egg inside that one follicle matures, that egg is launched throughout ovulation. That is the time within the cycle that estrogen peaks, and this surge of estrogen alerts to the mind to dial it again on the FSH. 

However in PCOS, as a result of there are all these additional follicles, one single follicle doesn’t get sufficient FSH to develop. As a substitute, ovulation doesn’t happen. When ovulation doesn’t happen, estrogen isn’t launched, and the mind doesn’t get the sign to cease it with the FSH.

As a substitute, the mind releases LH – luteinizing hormone – which makes testosterone. Excessive ranges of testosterone may cause lots of the signs you see with PCOS, together with hair development, pimples, and insulin resistance.

Girls with PCOS seem to have a better threat for growing coronary heart illness, hypertension, diabetes, infertility, and endometrial most cancers.

What are the causes of PCOS?

We don’t actually know, sadly.

It appears to be genetic, not less than partially. 

And no, Epstein Barr has nothing to do with PCOS, sorry Medical Medium. Unfold your rubbish elsewhere. (Thanks, Natalie Crawford MD).

Analysis of PCOS

PCOS is recognized when somebody has two of the next three signs:

  1. Irregular intervals
  2. Excessive androgen ranges 
  3. Ultrasound that reveals cysts 

Sadly, PCOS is incurable. Watch out for anybody who says they will treatment your PCOS with a weight-reduction plan or dietary supplements. No. No. No. 

What are the signs of PCOS?

Low progesterone, which is a symptom of not ovulating.

Elevated ranges of inflammatory markers, similar to pro-inflammatory cytokines, superior glycation finish merchandise, and CRP. 

Excessive androgens, which might trigger pimples, hair loss, and elevated hair development on the face and arms. Observe: not everybody who has hormonal pimples has PCOS. 

Girls with PCOS usually tend to carry weight round their middles, due to the elevated androgens.

Insulin resistance. Insulin resistance appears to be one of many dominant elements in PCOS. Insulin resistance occurs when our cells don’t reply to insulin the best way they’re purported to, so the pancreas releases bigger quantities of it in a bid to control blood sugars.

The function of insulin is to shuttle glucose into the cells after we eat. If this isn’t occurring, and the pancreas is pumping out insulin to attempt to mitigate the state of affairs, we’re left with excessive blood ranges of each glucose and insulin, which might trigger points. 

First, the truth that the cells aren’t getting the glucose for vitality that they want, may cause very intense cravings, particularly for carbs. The cells are screaming for meals, however they aren’t getting it, as a result of the glucose is staying within the blood, not going into the cells the place it belongs. 

Second, the elevated insulin ranges can set off the manufacturing of androgens, which in flip, can stimulate urge for food and weight achieve (together with hair development and pimples). 

PCOS diet

PCOS diet

And since we’re speaking about cravings, cravings in PCOS will also be exacerbated by low ranges of a hormone known as CCK, which helps with satiety. And dysregulation of the starvation hormone, ghrelin, and satiety hormone, leptin, can also be current with PCOS.

Let’s do some basic math.

Excessive insulin + 

Excessive androgens +

Low CCK +

Leptin and ghrelin dysregulation



Not simply any cravings, unhealthy ones. And as with all cravings, strict weight-reduction plan could make them worse.

When an individual is being pushed and pulled by cravings and weight-reduction plan, this may increasingly result in binge consuming. The truth is, research present that binge consuming is prevalent in ladies with PCOS. 

That’s sadly not a shock.

Analysis suggests that girls with PCOS have a better threat for nervousness and melancholy, in addition to consuming issues – round 4 to 5 instances the traditional charge.

Perhaps that’s partially as a result of so many docs and different healthcare practitioners mechanically prescribe weight reduction diets for PCOS with out actually considering an individual’s life-style or kind of PCOS (extra about that in a second).

The truth is, throughout my analysis for this piece, I got here throughout the weight-loss suggestion time and again and once more. 

It looks as if the #1 piece of recommendation that everybody has for PCOS: simply drop extra pounds.

Yeah thanks, but it surely’s not really easy. And the possible results of this widespread recommendation is that almost all of individuals with PCOS have been on restrictive diets, and have weight cycled for lots of their lives.

I can’t think about being advised for my complete grownup life that I must go on a weight-reduction plan. I can’t think about the quantity of disgrace and guilt I’d have each time an intense craving popped up and I couldn’t ignore it, as a result of each one among my cells was screaming for glucose.

I even have hassle determining why restrictive weight reduction diets can be a good suggestion for a situation that causes so lots of the points that diets additionally do:

Cravings. Test!

Irritation. Test!

Weight achieve. Test! 

Hormonal fluctuations. Test!

Individuals, Rome is already burning. Why are we going to pour gasoline on it?

When you’re having frequent intense cravings, consuming extra protein and fewer refined carbs, exercising extra, and adjusting your medicines could assist. 

PCOS and weight.

Between 40% and 80% of girls with PCOS are labeled as obese. Not everybody with PCOS is obese, which is a typical delusion.

It’s vital to notice that being obese doesn’t trigger PCOS  – it may well irritate signs, nonetheless. 

Weight achieve with PCOS appears to happen, not less than partially, due to insulin resistance.

As we mentioned earlier than, insulin resistance results in a cascade of reactions that appear to extend weight: elevated androgens, elevated insulin ranges, elevated blood glucose. 

Will weight reduction assist along with your PCOS?

When you had signs of PCOS if you have been thinner, weight reduction might be not going to vary the state of affairs.

Shedding pounds can typically – however not all the time – stimulate ovulation by eliminating the fats cells which can be secreting that additional estrogen, which lowers baseline estrogen ranges. 

Shedding pounds can also typically assist with insulin sensitivity. 

However occurring a strict weight-reduction plan may make issues worse, bodily and emotionally. 

Ought to we deal with the various kinds of PCOS in a different way?

There are completely different phenotypes of PCOS, and loads of purposeful drugs practitioners make a giant deal of how we must be treating every kind in a different way. 

The fact is that that is pointless – be aware that each web site that has a quiz to search out out ‘what kind of PCOS you’ve got’ appears to be run by a quack. 

If the various kinds of PCOS actually mattered, the literature would point out them an entire lot extra. Don’t be distracted by individuals who feed you rubbish simply to promote you one thing. 

PCOS diet

What’s the greatest weight-reduction plan for PCOS?

There is no such thing as a weight-reduction plan that ‘cures’ PCOS. Moderately, we handle signs and threat elements utilizing each weight-reduction plan and typically dietary supplements as nicely.

The truth is, there’s a paucity of analysis altogether round PCOS and weight-reduction plan. Even the broader matter of PCOS continues to be a lot of a thriller to us. There’s lots we don’t know.

We do suspect that the next weight-reduction plan suggestions are useful for PCOS:

A low-GI weight-reduction plan – aka a weight-reduction plan during which carbs are higher-fibre, slow-digesting (assume, beans and lentils, entire grains) – does have some proof suggesting that it might assist with insulin sensitivity and menstrual irregularities. 

Glycemic index generally is a bit defective as a device, so what I like to recommend as a substitute is simply aiming for high-fibre, minimally processed carb selections most of the time. 

Fibre can also lower irritation, enhance satiety, and assist with bloating. Don’t neglect to drink plenty of fluids if you enhance your fibre. 

Satisfactory protein: Protein helps with satiety. I like to recommend 25-30 grams of protein per meal. (Learn extra on how a lot protein we’d like daily, right here). 

Smarter carbohydrates: this implies balancing your carbs with protein and fats to assist gradual glucose launch into the bloodstream. It additionally means selecting slower-digesting carbs (like I really helpful above).

Wholesome fat: We suspect that prime ranges of saturated fat and naturally, trans fat, enhance irritation. Unsaturated fat, however, like those in fish, avocados, and nuts, could lower it. 

Observe: I do know I say ‘could’ and ‘suspect’ lots as a substitute of ‘does’ and ‘know,’ but it surely’s extraordinarily robust to ascertain causality in diet analysis, so making particular statements about whether or not X straight causes Y normally, isn’t one thing I’m ready to do.

What in all probability doesn’t work for PCOS:

Gluten-free diets. *sigh* vilifying gluten AGAIN. There’s zero proof that gluten causes or worsens PCOS. Since that is the case, there’s no motive to take away it out of your weight-reduction plan.

Dairy-free diets. There is no such thing as a proof that dairy causes any kind of PCOS points. Some folks may cite ‘irritation’ as a motive to take away dairy – and gluten – from their weight-reduction plan, however except you’re allergic or delicate to those elements within the first place, not consuming them is unlikely to trigger irritation, or assist your PCOS.

Soy-free diets. No proof, sorry.

Sugar-free diets. I do know {that a} ton of individuals are pushing sugar-free diets for PCOS. And whereas I wouldn’t advocate consuming loads of sugar (even if you happen to don’t have PCOS), by no means letting it contact your lips once more is a bit excessive. Massive quantities of sugar have been linked to irritation, and with PCOS, you’re principally dwelling in an inflammatory state. 

How about keto and fasting for PCOS?

There’s loads of info on the market saying that individuals with PCOS ought to do keto and/or intermittent fasting to ‘treatment’ their PCOS.

Intermittent fasting for PCOS. 

IF could assist with insulin resistance, however may cause blood sugar irregularities, particularly if you happen to’re the kind of one that overeats after a quick. This could trigger blood sugar spikes, which clearly aren’t what we wish with PCOS. 

And fasting is one other approach of reducing energy. However intense PCOS cravings could compounded if you lower energy, which truthfully, appears like two steps backward. 

It’s vital to notice that the analysis is inconclusive when it comes to whether or not fasting outperforms different strategies of caloric restriction for metabolic markers (like insulin sensitivity and blood lipids).

Keto weight-reduction plan for PCOS.

There’s no compelling proof that keto is a greater approach of consuming for PCOS than the suggestions I gave above.

And we all know that restrictive diets look like related to extra stress for the physique, which once more, you don’t want…particularly with PCOS. 

So far as the dietary interventions above are involved, we don’t actually know if it’s the weight-reduction plan itself, or the load loss that will accompany it, that result in optimistic results on PCOS signs. 

In accordance with analysis and the Worldwide Proof-Based mostly Guideline for the Evaluation and Administration of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 2018, there isn’t any one superior weight-reduction plan sample within the administration of PCOS; all of them have comparable outcomes. 

So for all of you who’ve requested me if you might want to be on keto you probably have PCOS? 

Nope. You don’t.

For what not to eat, I like to recommend limiting ultra-processed meals and huge quantities of sugar, which have been linked to irritation. 

PCOS diet

Dietary supplements for PCOS.

At all times test along with your pharmacist and physician earlier than beginning any dietary supplements.


Inositol is a sugar alcohol that’s readily present in nature, and can be produced from glucose by the human physique. Myo-inositol is the type of inositol that’s really helpful to ladies with PCOS to assist enhance insulin sensitivity.

Inositol is probably the most well-studied of all of the dietary supplements really helpful for PCOS, and the rising analysis has been optimistic. (be aware: ‘rising’ – this implies we’re simply beginning to find out about it)

Research counsel that 2000-4000mg of inositol a day could assist with insulin sensitivity, fertility, and androgen ranges. 


There’s some proof that omega-3s could enhance insulin resistance in ladies with PCOS, and decrease ranges of CRP (an inflammatory marker), testosterone, and blood lipids. 

Different research contradict a few of these findings. 


We suspect that the intestine microbiome and irritation are linked. A 2016 research suggests that probiotics could have a optimistic impact on blood glucose, weight, and insulin sensitivity in ladies with PCOS.  The strains of probiotic used within the research have been lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, each of that are available. 

One other 2019 research within the European Journal of Diet confirmed that probiotics and prebiotics lowered inflammatory markers in ladies with PCOS.

Vitamin D.

There’s some proof suggesting a hyperlink between low vitamin D standing and a few of the metabolic disturbances that happen with PCOS, together with insulin resistance and excessive blood lipids. 

This 2020 research in Gynecological Endocrinology and this 2018 research in Plos One set up that hyperlink, however extra analysis is required. 

We don’t have all of the solutions round PCOS, however as analysis continues and we study extra, there’ll hopefully be newer, higher methods to handle it.


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