When you have pain in your legs but want to keep running

 When you have pain in your legs but want to keep running

By simply switching to lighter footwear, you can keep running despite the pain in your joints.
One could never imagine the Ethiopian Abebe Bikila who, after his astonishing feat at the 1960 Olympic Games in which he won gold in marathon after running the 42, 145 km barefoot, would be the prelude to a revolution in the world of sport. Many runners, after seeing the athlete on the podium, soon got rid of his slippers to jump onto the asphalt and it was not uncommon to see them run in parks and cities.

This gave rise to the technique known as barefoot and that many runners today follow to simulate as did the first athletes in history. This technique rejects the classic running shoes because they modify the way we run, thus altering the body posture when running and force muscles and bones to work efficiently, which could cause serious injuries to our legs.

If you train hard, you won’t just be hard, you’ll be hard to beat.

After more than 50 years, a new technique known as natural running or minimalist running has now emerged, which consists of using footwear that is as light as possible to achieve a natural footprint and thus simulate the sensation of doing so barefoot. And all this with a single objective: to help those people who suffer joint pain without having to refuse to continue running.

Farewell to knee pain
What is achieved with natural running is that the muscles of the legs do not suffer for many miles while running. But not only that, it also receives less impact so that the joints would not suffer as much and would have less risk of injury. In addition, the circulation of blood from the toes to the hips is more fluid.

But to achieve all these benefits of natural running, the only thing that needs to be changed is the type of shoes. A minimalist shoe that must have certain special characteristics to achieve a natural posture after each stride. These sports shoes should have a similar drop in both the back of the foot and in the front, it is recommended that it is below 8 mm, and that the sole is as thin as possible. In addition, they should be as flexible as possible and not present any type of rigid support in the area of the arch so that it does not impede the natural movement of the foot.

Running is a way of telling your body that you love it.

Newton, On, Merrel, New Balance or Saucony are some of the brands of running shoes that have been launched to manufacture this type of footwear to meet the needs of those runners who are launched to try the natural running, either to prevent injuries or to continue doing what you like and do not have to stop because of the knees suffered and other joints of the legs. But there are other firms that have wanted to go further and have bet strongly designing the curious Five Finger, the five-toed shoes that have become fashionable in the world of running to try to simulate the action of running barefoot.


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