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World Cancer Day 2021 | The Men’s Health Research Program at UBC


February 4 marks World Cancer Day!

An international day dedicated to raising awareness of cancer and to encourage health promotion practices around prevention, detection and treatment. This day is led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) with a vision to stand up for a cancer-free world.

As part of the UBC Men’s Health Research Program’s four core areas of research, our work in better understanding psychosocial prostate cancer care are intended to help inform men’s health interventions and provide guidance to clinicians and researchers. Below are curated and recent publications related to prostate cancer from MHR.

Selected publications

Hyde, M.K., Opozda, M., Laurie, K., Vincent, A.D., Oliffe, J.L., Nelson, C.J., Dunn, J., Chung, E., Gillman, M., Manecksha, R.P., Wittert, G., Chambers, S.K. (In Press August 2020). Men’s sexual help-seeking and care needs after radical prostatectomy or other non-hormonal, active prostate cancer treatments. Supportive Care in Cancer.

Seaton, C.L., Oliffe, J.L., Rice, S., Bottorff, J.L., Johnson, S.T., Gordon, S.J., & Chambers, S. (2020). Health literacy among Canadian men experiencing prostate cancer. Health Promotion Practice, 21(6), 1004-1011.

†Yu Ko, W., Oliffe, J.L., Botorff, J. (2020). Prostate cancer treatment and work: A scoping review. American Journal of Men’s Health, 14(6). https://doi.org/10.1177/1557988320979257

Rice, S.M., Kealy, D., Ogrondniczuk, J.S., Seidler, Z.E., Denehy, L., & Oliffe, J.L. (2020). The cost of bottling it up: Emotion suppression as a mediator in the relationship between anger and depression among men with prostate cancer. Cancer Management and Research, 12, 1039-1046.

Goodwin, B.C., Ralph, N., Ireland, M.J., Hyde, M.K., Oliffe, J.L., Dunn, J., Chambers, S. (2020) The role of masculinities in psychological and emotional help-seeking by men with prostate cancer. Psycho-Oncology, 29(2), 356-363.


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