Yoga Is Relaxing And Tai Chi Strengthens Your Body

 Yoga Is Relaxing And Tai Chi Strengthens Your Body

Yoga is not derived from Tai Chi, however both have the same benefit for those who practice it, improving health and eliminating the harmful effects of stress on the body.
These techniques of relaxation and deep control of our organism are currently known as “body/mind interventions”, which include meditation.

In order to understand them in depth and to help make a decision, it will surely be useful to know what these popular interventions, whose origin dates back to the Asian area, are about.

Tai Chi,Meditation
Techniques Of Relaxation And Deep Control Of Our Organism.

Yoga: This physical discipline originated in India thousands of years ago. It is based on breathing, meditation and the practice of various postures called ‘asanas’. It aims to improve psychophysical health and increase energy.

Tai Chi: With a similar purpose to Yoga but of Chinese origin, this discipline is different because it is not passive, it is considered a very effective martial art to improve balance, flexibility and resistance of all muscles and joints of the body.

Yoga Is Passive And Tai Chi Is Very Useful For Self-Defense.

Key differences:
Yoga is passive and Tai Chi is very useful for self-defense.
Tai Chi supports the weight of the body on the legs and Yoga on the arms.
Yoga is exclusive because its movements require great strength and vitality. Tai Chi can be practiced by all people regardless of age and strength.
Regardless of which discipline you decide to practice, it is useful to consider that both have positive effects on health and recently a study by the University of Coventry revealed that the effects of performing them modify the DNA, helping to eliminate evils such as stress and depression from our genes.


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