Speed Up Your Metabolism With These Yoga Postures

 Speed Up Your Metabolism With These Yoga Postures

Yoga is not the exercise that tones up our body the fastest, however, those who practice it say that its benefits are much greater than what is seen at first sight because it changes your life from within, but only if the practice is continuous.

It’s very effective in reducing stress because it helps you clear your mind and focus on living in the moment, burns calories, loses weight and can help activate and speed up your metabolism.

Everything in the body is linked and some of the movements practiced in yoga can make you stretch, compress, twist tissues, organs and joints in the right way to achieve the desired effect.

The results of practicing the postures provided here will not be immediate, but if you are constant you will surely notice the difference and soon your figure will start to reflect the benefits of continued practice as well, especially if accompanied by a proper diet.

Physical Exercise Should Not Be Lacking In Your Life.

Benefits of twisting.
For the metabolism to work better it is important that the digestive system is in full shape. Twisting stimulates the endocrine system and the abdominal organs, promoting digestion and speeding up the metabolism.

One of the simplest that you can include in your practice is the Ardha Matsyendrasana or half sitting torsion. Sitting on the floor with your legs stretched out, you bend your right leg over the other and rest the sole of your foot next to your left knee. Now bend the left leg and leave the foot near the opposite hip, with the outside of the thigh resting on the floor.

Keeping your back straight and both ischiums on the floor, turn to the right, supporting the hand on this side behind you, the other arm passing over the right knee. Then repeat but changing sides, what you did before with the right, will now be with the left.

The inverted asanas.
Compression postures, in which the neck and throat area is massaged, stimulate the thyroid gland, which increases circulation to it, releasing hormones that help you feel good and balance your metabolic system.

Although yoga can be practical to help you feel better, if you have a medical problem, you should see a specialist and follow his or her recommendations.

For the candle posture you will have to lie on your back and raise your legs keeping them straight. When your lower and middle back are raised from the ground, create a support with your hands, resting your elbows on the ground.

For the Halasana or ploughing stance, your legs should pass over your trunk, until your feet reach the ground, your arms are extended and the support is on your shoulders and toes.

Yoga Is An Excellent Way To Stay In Shape.

Other postures
The posture of the rabbit or Sasangasana can also help stimulate the thyroid and regulate hormonal imbalances. Sitting on your heels, breathe and raise your buttocks and lean forward until your crown rests on the floor. Your thighs should be perpendicular to the floor. Hold the heels with your hands and hold the position for about 30 seconds.

The half bridge or Setu Bandhasana is also very useful. Lying on your back, rest the soles of your feet on the ground, near your thighs. Raise your hips and place your arms under your body, hold the position for a few seconds.

Even if it is difficult to practice at first, do not force yourself and go slowly. You will see that you will quickly become more and more confident and enjoy the benefits.


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